Historic Border Patrol  Badge Artifact
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West California, Part 12

The primary barrier continues past the small town of Campo, California. While this barrier looks so "effective", the reality is not what it might seem. One rancher along this "protected" part of the border counts an average of 13,000 illegals a year going over his property. While that might seem impossible, it's just an average of 40 illegals a day. The illegals don't leave five bucks on their way through either. Water tank spigots are left open and 20,000 gallons of drinking water are drained. Cattle are killed, dogs are killed, horses are killed. Homes are burgled and set on fire, cars are stolen.

And yes it does get personal when a mother has her 13 year old girl raped. No "Planned Parenthood" here, they plan to raise the child. One little girl was stabbed and murdered with a screwdriver so the illegal could take her bicycle.


Because the Border Patrol does not have the budget for a real barrier, smugglers can use the simplest of tools to enter the United States.

You can click on the photo to see a slideshow on the smuggler's ramp system.

Finally, the border reverts to a simple vehicle barrier to keep the drug convoys off the interstate.

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