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West California, Part 2

The violence along this part of the border is almost comical. In the photo below we have a bright, sunny July day at the U.S. / Mexico border at California's Border Field State Park. Please note that the entire California State Park is devoid of park visitors except a covy of well armed U.S. Border Patrol Agents in five vehicles including three paddy wagons with special air filtration systems and stainless steel interiors for their passengers-to-be.

"White sandy beach" combined with "fluids that spontaneously combust" do not make for a happy vacation holiday.



This California park does teem with wildlife, but most is on two legs. Sundays can be interesting and California State Parks Ranger Robert F. Freeman has even tossed people out of the park because they were making too much noise (they were singing church songs). On one October ninth, he was quoted by the San Diego Union newspaper's staff writer Rita Gillmon as saying: "It is for their own protection... The border isn't a good place to do this kind of thing. There are people riding around down there (Mexico) with guns and they may not understand."

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