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West California, Part 4

This area is so dangerous that it is patrolled by land, sea and air. Open land filled with American civilians that borders the largest single mass of drug cartels and their private armies anyplace on earth means getting serious about security.

Here we have just one squad of the very many that constantly patrol the border between the California's huge Interstate 5 freeway complex and the Pacfic Ocean. It may only be an area five miles wide but what the area lacks in size it more than makes up for in potential violence.

The business of smuggling people over the border is almost "franchised" and every mile of border can be claimed by a different smuggler. In the Tijuana area the smugglers specialize in returning "1326s" to the USA. This term is from "US code title 8 Chapter 12, subchapter II Part VIII 1326. Reentry of removed aliens." These usually are people who have been convicted of some felony, have spent time in an American penetentiary and were deported. Now they are coming back to take care of business.

MS-13 Click to get the movie.

What you must understand is that the penalty for returning to the USA after having been convicted of a felony and being deported is 20 YEARS IN PRISON. These "undocumented migrants" are extremely dangerous.

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