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Al Qaeda Manual, Part 10

3. Revealing the appearance of the commander to the other person. However, that may be avoided by taking the previously mentioned measures such as disguising himself well and changing his appearance (glasses, wig, etc.)

Third Means: The Messenger:

This is an intermediary between the sender and the receiver. The messenger should possess all characteristics mentioned in the first chapter regarding the Military Organizationísmember. These are the security measures that a messenger should take:

1. Knowledge of the person to whom he will deliver the message.

2. Agreement on special signals, exact date, and specific time.

3. Selecting a public street or place that does not raise suspicion.

4. Going through a secondary road that does not have check points.

5. Using public transportation (train,bus,...) and disembarking before the main station. Likewise, embarking should not be done at the main station either, were there are a lot of security personnel and informants.

6. Complete knowledge of the location to which he is going.

Fourth Means: Letters:

This means (letters)may be used as a method of communication


between members and the Organization provided that the following security measures are taken:

1. It is forbidden to write any secret information in the letter. If one must do s o , the writing should be done in general terms.

2. The letter should not be mailed from a post office close to the sender’s residence, but from a distant one.

3. The letter should not be sent directly to the receiver’s address but to an inconspicuous location where there are many workers from your country. Afterwards, the letter will be forwarded to the intended receiver. (This is regarding the overseas- bound letter).

4. The sender’s name and address on the envelope should be fictitious. In case the letters and their contents are discovered, the security apparatus would not be able to determine his [the sender’s] name and address.

5. The envelope should not be transparent so as to reveal the letter inside.

6. The enclosed pages should not be many, so as not to raise suspicion.

7. The receiver’s address should be written clearly so that the letter would not be returned.

8. Paying the post office box fees should not be forgotten.

Fifth Means: Facsimile and Wireless:

Considering its modest capabilities and the pursuit by the security apparatus of its members and forces, the Islamic


Military Organization cannot obtain theses devices. In case the Organization is able to obtain them, firm security measures should be taken to secure communication between the members in the country and the command outside. These measures are:

1. The duration of transmission should not exceed five minutes in order to prevent the enemy from pinpointing the device location.

2. The device should be placed in a location with high wireless frequency, such as close to a TV station, embassies, and consulates in order to prevent the enemy from identifying its location.

3. The brother, using the wireless device to contact his command outside the country, should disguise his voice.

4. The time of communication should be carefully specified.

5. The frequency should be changed from time to time.

6. The device should be frequently moved from one location to another.

7. Do not reveal your location to the entity for which you report.

8. The conversation should be in general terms so as not to raise suspicion.

Transportation Means:

The members of the Organization may move from one location to another using one of the following means:

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