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Al Qaeda Manual, Part 11

a. Public transportation,

b. Private transportation


Security Measures that Should be Observed in Public Transportation:

1. One should select public transportation that is not subject to frequent checking along the way, such as crowded trains or public buses.

2. Boarding should be done at a secondary station, as main stations undergo more careful surveillance. Likewise, embarkment should not be done at main stations.

3. The cover should match the general appearance (tourist bus, first-class train, second-class train, etc).

4. The existence of documents supporting the cover.

5. Placing important luggage among the passengers’ luggage without identifying the one who placed it. If it is discovered, its owner would not be arrested. In trains, it [the luggage] should be placed in a different car than that of its owner.

6. The brother traveling on a “special mission” should not get involved in religious issues (advocating good and denouncing evil) or day-to-day matters (seat reservation,...).

7. The brother traveling on a mission should not arrive in the [destination] country at night because then travelers are few, and there are [search] parties and check points along the way.

8. When cabs are used, conversation of any kind should not be started with the driver because many cab drivers work for the security apparatus.

9. The brother should exercise extreme caution and apply all security measures to the members.


Security Measures that Should be Observed in Private Transportation:

Private transportation includes: cars, motorcycles

A. Cars and motorcycles used in overt activity:

1. One should possess the proper permit and not violate traffic rules in order to avoid trouble with the police.

2. The location of the vehicle should be secure so that the security apparatus would not confiscate it.

3. The vehicle make and model should be appropriate for the brotherís cover.

4. The vehicle should not be used in special military operations unless the Organization has no other choice.

B. Cars and motorcycles used in covert activity:

1. Attention should be given to permits and [obeying] the traffic rules in order to avoid trouble and reveal their actual mission.

2. The vehicle should not be left in suspicious places (deserts,mountains, etc.). If it must be, then the work should be performed at suitable times when no one would keep close watch or follow it.

3. The vehicle should be purchased using forged documents so that getting to its owners would be prevented once it is discovered.

4. For the sake of continuity, have only one brother in charge of selling.

5. While parking somewhere, one should be in a position to move quickly and flee in case of danger.

6. The car or motorcycle color should be changed before the operation and returned to the original after the operation.


7. The license plate number and county name should be falsified. Further, the digits should be numerous in order to prevent anyone from spotting and memorizing it.

8. The operation vehicle should not be taken to large gasoline stations so that it would not be detected by the security apparatus.





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