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* The following security precautions should be taken during the training:

The Place:

The place should have the following specifications:

1. Distance from the populated areas with the availability of living necessities.

2. Availability of medical services during the training.

3. The place should be suitable for the type of training (physical fitness, shooting, tactics).

4. No one except the trainers and trainees should know about the place.

5. The place should have many roads and entrances.

6. The place should be visited at suitable times.

7. Hiding any training traces immediately after the training.

8. Guarding the place during the training.

9. Appropriateness of the existing facilities for the number of training members.

10. Exclusion of anyone who is not connected with the training.

11. Taking all security measures regarding the establishment.

12. Distance of the place from police stations, public establishments, and the eyes of informants.

13. The place should not be situated in such a way that the training and trainees can be seen from another location.


The Trainees:

1. Before proceeding to the training place, all security measures connected with an undercover individual should be taken. Meanwhile, during training at the place, personnel safety should be ensured.

2. Selecting the trainees carefully.

3. The trainees should not know one another.

4. The small size of groups that should be together during the training (7-10 individuals).

5. The trainees should not know the training place.

6. Establishing a training plan f o r each trainee. The Trainers: All measures taken with regard to the commanders apply also to the trainers. Also, the following should be applied:

1. Fewness of the trainers in the training place. Only those conducting the training should be there, in order not to subject the training team to the risk of security exposure.

2. Not revealing the identity of the trainer to trainees.

3. Keeping a small ratio of trainees to trainer.

4. The training team members should not know one another.







Prior to dealing with weapons, whether buying, transporting, or storing them, it is essential to establish a careful, systematic and firm security plan that plan deals with all stages. It is necessary to divide that task into stages:

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