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Al Qaeda Manual, Part 16


Information needed through covert means: Information needed to be gathered through covert means is of only two types:

First: Information about government personnel, officers, important personalities, and all matters related to those (residence,work place, times of leaving and returning, wives and children, places visited)

Second: Information about strategic buildings, important establishments, and military bases. Examples are important ministries such as those of Defense and Internal Security, airports, seaports, land border points, embassies, and radio and TV stations.

General securitymeasures that should be taken by the person gathering information: During the process of gathering information, whether about governing personalities or establishments, the person doing the gathering must take the following security measures:

1. Performing the exercises to detect surveillance while executing the mission. These exercises are not well defined, but are dependent on the time, place, and the ability to be creative. These exercises include the following:

a, Walking down a dead-end street and observing who is walking behind you. Beware of traps.

b.Casually dropping something out of your pocket and observing who will pick it up.

c.Walking fast then stopping suddenly at a corner and observing who will be affected.

d.Stopping in front of store windows and observing who is-watching you.

e.Getting on a bus and then getting off after it departs and observing who will be affected.


f. Agreeing with one of your brothers to look for whoever is watching you.

2. When receiving the gathered information, let the informants travel as far as possible from their place of residence and yours. Let each of them get there using secondary roads, preferably at night.

3. Gather what information you can without emphasizing any particular part. Do not rush or show urgency because your excitement may uncover you and the degree of importance of the information.

4. Avoid anything that reveals your identity quickly. Do not attempt to be too creative or inventive. Remember what Taliran [PHI said to his political emissaries, “Do not be anxious.

5 . Move slowly and travel a great distance. The one who is successful in gathering information is the one who is not known or conspicuous.

6 . Do not accept events at their face value. Do not overlook a quick friendship or an apparent dispute. Evaluate the importance of events and do not judge them by their appearance.

7 . Do not speak vaguely or act mysteriously except when wanting to get a “blabber mouth” to talk about what he knows.

8 . Carry personal credentials and know all their contents.


9. Prior to collecting the information, make sure that all necessities related to the mission, especially money, are ready.

10. Study the area where information-gathering takes place carefully: Open and closed streets, residents’ customs, ways of dressing, and accent.

11. It is not permitted to carry any weapons during the information-gathering process.

12. Finding a cover prior to gathering the information. Further, review all security measures concerning members of the Military [Organization] which are covered in prior lessons.

Methods of Gathering Information

Using Covert Means: The Military Organization may obtain secret information using:

A. Surveillance, intelligence, and observation–

B. Theft:

C . Interrogation–

D. Excitement–

E. Drugging–

F. Recruitment.

A. Surveillance, Intelligence, and Observation: Civilian and military targets (personalities). The monitoring may be done on foot or by car.

Surveillance on foot:

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