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Al Qaeda Manual, Part 17

1. The brother or brothers performing the surveillance operation on foot study the available information about the target (height,weight, way of walking, looking at a recent photograph)

2. Knowing the target’s habits, places he visits, and communications

3. Studying carefully the area where observation will take place: names of through and dead-end streets, residents’ habits and way of dressing.


4. Prior to the start of the surveillance mission, making sure that all needs related to the mission, especially money, are met.

5 . Agreeing on how communications with the leaders will take place in case the surveillance plan is uncovered (telephone, a person used for that purpose). The telephone number should not be written but memorized.

6 . Agreeing on special signals to exchange orders and instructions among the surveillance team members.

7. Knowing the measures to be taken when the target is lost, such as contacting the leaders or something else agreed upon.

8 . It is not permitted to carry any weapons during the information-gathering process.

9 . It is preferable to have a camera with the surveillance man in case the target is to personally contact others.

Surveillance by car:

Surveillance by car requires taking certain measures:

1. Inspecting the car’s fuel, water, and lights.

2. The car should be of a common type so it would not attract people’s attention.

3 . The car should be in good condition and the driver should be experienced.

4 . The car plates should not contain real numbers. It is important to use a false license plate and small numbers in order to prevent anyone from spotting and memorizing it.

5 . The car’s interior light should be disabled in order to hide the identity of the surveillance team members sitting inside.

6 . The number and appearance of the car surveillance team members should match those of the target’s car.


Performins Surveillance by Car:

1. The car being used for surveillance should keep up with the target’s car during the surveillance operation, especially in crowded areas and on side streets. The distance between the two cars depends on the circumstances.

2 . If the target gets out of his car and starts to walk, one of the surveillance team members should get out and observe him.

3. Follow all aforementioned measures for surveillance on foot.

Exercises to detect surveillance by car:

1. The surveillance car speeds up then stops suddenly while observing which other car is affected (this is done where there is not a lot of traffic).

2. The surveillance car enters a dead-end street.

3. The surveillance car goes in the opposite direction of traffic.

4 . The surveillance car stops and goes backwards.

5. [The surveillance car] enters a parking lot and immediately goes out.

6. [The surveillance car] takes a side road and stops.

A . Surveillance, Intelligence,and Observation (Information about the enemy places) The Organization’s command needs detailed information about the enemy‘s vital establishments, whether civilian or military, in order to make safe plans, reach firm decisions, and avoid surprises. Thus, the individual who gathers information about a desired location should, in addition to drawing a diagram, describe it and all its details.


The Drawing:

The brother should draw a diagram of the area, the street, and the location which is the target of the information- gathering. He should describe its shape and characteristics. The drawing should be realistic so that someone who never saw the location could visualize it. It is preferable to also put on the drawing the directions of traffic, police stations, and security centers.

The Description:

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