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Al Qaeda Manual, Part 20

6. Training the Agent: This stage applies tothe recruited agent, that is, the agent who has been recruited directly


and is aware that he has been recruited by someone or some organization for money or other things. That agent: may be trained on the following:

a. Work secrecy and means of gathering and hiding information

b. The method of passing information on to officials

c. Concealment and disguising

d. Interrogation and resisting the interrogation

e. Explaining the assigned mission in utmost detail

f. Photography There might not be any training at all. The agent may be given freedom in his work, relying on his instinct, talents, background, and the capabilities of his superior brother.

7 . Treating the Agent: The brother who manages the agent should possess the qualifications of a perfect spy, a psychiatrist, and an interrogator. There are two points of view on treating the agent:

First Point of View: Maintaining a strong personal relationship with the agent. This technique provides the agent with the motivation that entices him to take chances in order to please his friend with the information. However, this technique has disadvantages. The barriers between the agent and his superiors are removed, and the agent may ask for many things that were not agreed upon.

Second Point of View: The person managing the agent treats him roughly and pushes him to the limits for the purpose of getting as much information as possible. This technique uses harshness, cruelty, and threats in order to keep the


agent constantly active. I believe that the Islamic Military organization can combine the two techniques. The agent may be treated in a careful Islamic manner, while the managing brother appeals to the agent’s conscience and his Islamic association with the work for majestic Allah’s religion. He lures the agent with money and gifts, and uses cruelty and kindness when appropriate.

8. Terminating the Agentís Services: That should occur when any of the following take place:

a. The recruitment mission terminates,

b. Incapacity to work because of sickness or changes in the job situation,

c. Repeated errors in security measures,

d. The agent requests the termination.

Means for Testing the Recruit:

1. Requesting specific information that the Organization knows well,

2. Monitoring him while he performs his covert work,

3. Overpaying him in order to know his trustworthiness,

4. Giving him a chance to tamper with the work documents (unimportant documents).

Important Advice About Dealing with Agents:

1. Do not send sealed packages to the agent or receive them from him. These could be booby traps.

2. Leaving something for the agent should be done as quickly as possible. When transporting and giving an item to the agent at the agreed-upon location, it should not attract attention and lead to the agent’s arrest.

3. The financial status of the agent should be controlled so agent at the agreed-upon location, it should not attract attention and lead to the agent’s arrest. that the agent does not suddenly show great wealth. A


portion of the payment should be given to him, while the other should be deposited in his bank account.

4. When wishing to recruit an agent, events should occur naturally. You may agree with a friend that he invite the person to be recruited for dinner, or something similar. While that intermediary person is talking with him, he notices your arrival at your friendís,greets you, starts to converse with you, and invites you to sit down with the person you want to recruit.

5 . When meeting with the agent, make sure neither you or the meeting place are being monitored. Do not enter a place to meet with an agent before he does. There could be a trap for you.

6 . If you wait for your agent at the agreed-upon location, you could be a target for him. Be especially careful if he goes to the bathroom. Once, in Belgium, an Israeli Mossad officer met an Arab agent. A few minutes after they sat down, the Arab agent said that he had to go get something. When he returned, the Israeli intelligence agent was still there. The Arab agent then pulled out a pistol and shot the Mossad agent several times.

7 . In order to communicate with the agent, it is necessary to specify locations such as parks, a university campus area, etc.

8 . It is necessary to continuously communicate with the agent, to learn about his problems and requests, help him as much as possible, lift his morale, and renew his confidence.

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