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Al Qaeda Manual, Part 8

1. Information exchange,

2. Giving orders and instructions,

3 . Financing,

4. Member follow-up

Stages of the In-Person Meeting:

A. Before the meeting,

B. The meeting [itself],

C. After the meeting

A . Before the Meeting: The following measures should be taken:

1. Designating the meeting location,

2. Finding a proper cover for the meeting,

3. Specifying the meeting date and time,

4. Defining special signals between those who meet.

1. Identifying the meeting location: If the meeting location is stationary, the following matters should be observed:

i. The location should be far from police stations and security centers.

ii. Ease of transportation to the location.

iii. Selecting the location prior to the meeting and learning all its details.

iv. If the meeting location is an apartment, it should not be the first one, but one somewhere in the middle.

v. The availability of many roads leading to the meeting location. That would provide easy escape in case the location ware raided by security personnel.


vi. The location should not be under suspicion (by the security [apparatus])

vii. The apartment where the meeting takes place should be on the ground floor, to facilitate escape.

viii.The ability to detect any surveillance from that location.

ix. When public transportation is used, one should alight at some distance from the meeting location and continue on foot. In the case of a private vehicle, one should park it far away or in a secure place so as to be able to maneuver it quickly at any time.

If the meeting location is not stationary, the following matters should be observed:

i. The meeting location should be at the intersection of a large number of main and side streets to facilitate entry, exit, and escape.

ii. The meeting location (such as a coffee shop) should not have members that might be dealing with the security apparatus.

iii. The meeting should not be held in a crowded place because that would allow the security personnel to hide and monitor those who meet.

iv. It is imperative to agree on an alternative location for the meeting in case meeting in the first is unfeasible. That holds whether the meeting place is stationary or not. Those who meet in-person should do the following:

i. Verifying the security situation of the location before the meeting.


ii. Ensuring that there are no security personnel behind them or at the meeting place.

iii. Not heading to the location directly.

iv. Clothing and appearance should be appropriate f o r the meeting location.

v. Verifying that private documents carried by the brother have appropriate cover.

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