Historic Border Patrol  Badge Artifact
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East Arizona, Part 14

From Bisbee, the Mexican border is but minutes away. The closest official port of entry is at the small Arizona town of Naco. The United States Border Patrol operations between Bisbee and Naco are strained by funding and materiel shortages. U.S. Border Patrol vehicles must wait extended periods for even the most minor repairs.

Attacks by "Undocumented Migrants" cause mountains of Border Patrol vehicle body panels to pile up on the scrap heap.

The town of Naco exists for no discernable reason. Recently, the official port of entry at Naco was closed by hundreds of protestors on the Mexican side of the border. These protestors were ... protesting!

Exactly why they were protesting is unknown since there is really nothing much there but rusting walls of steel plate, four strands of thin wire trailing off for miles, and a few dozen overworked Border Patrol agents.

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