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USBP History, Part 4

The attack at Columbus, NM was not a minor border incursion by ragged peasants looking for food. The U.S. Army had to do everything it could to save the small town of Columbus. The army loosed more than 20,000 rounds at the Mexicans. During those dark hours Captain Hamilton Brodie took charge of the town’s defenses and sent Lieutenant Lucas and his men to the center of the town to slow the carnage. For two hours Pancho Villa and his gang looted, pillaged, dragged people into the streets and wantonly murdered them.

At the end of the battle, eighteen Americans and an unborn child were dead. Ninety Villistas were killed. While only about 450 Villistas entered the town, nearly a thousand Villistas participated in the attack.

U.S. Army Dead
U.S. Civilian Dead

Pfc. Thomas F. Butler
Sgt. Mark A. Dobbs

Pvt. Fred A. Griffin

Pvt. Frank T. Kinova

Sgt. John J. Nievergelt

Cpl. Paul Simon

Pvt. Jesse P. Taylor

Cpl. Harry P. Wiswell

W.A. Davidson
Harry Davis

James T. Dean

Dr. H.M. Hart

Mrs. Bessie James and her
unborn child
C.C. Miller

C.D. Miller


Wm. T. Ritchie

J.W. Walker

The Villistas then murdered a helpless family of five including three infants when they later assaulted a ranch house and stole the family's horses. Nearly one thousand Villistas then returned to Mexico.

Smoke plumes were seen for fifty miles and the town's fires burned for several days.

Columbus, New Mexico after Pancho Villa

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