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The Flood

The flood of Mexican illegal aliens across the United States southern border is wanton, violent, continuous, and unchecked. That is the truth. There is no "alternate" truth. Well, unless you think that as many as 6.5 million illegal aliens coming across our southern border each and every year is okay.

There are really only two ways illegals enter the United States: by foot or by land motor vehicle.

You will note that air travel is not in that short list because air travel is essentially not used by illegals to enter the United States. Although after 9-11, illegals have the unmitigated gall to flock to airports and take commercial aircraft to their destinations deep within America. You might be nearly strip searched but illegal aliens seem immune to capture. And, yes, the perpetrators of 9-11 did seem to take airplanes. They also had student visas and after eight years of lunacy from a prior administration.. That is being changed.

Also, note that boats are not on the list. There are probably more surf boards and even inner tubes used to illegally float into the United States than real boats. Boats are reserved for the most part for Chinese or some other ocean crossing group.

Thanks to the very rational fear that some unidentified ocean cruiser may contain a nuclear weapon targeted for an American harbor, all of these unusual vessels are detected, tracked, intercepted, and boarded hundreds or even thousands of miles away from our shores. If it's big enough to get here from China then we've been watching it.

Further, trying to enter the United States by boat has some very interesting rules. If you can make it "un-captured" to US dry land then you are handled differently than if you are captured still in the water. And by "water" I mean the high water mark. If you are still in the "water" then you have not reached the US, and can be summarily be sent away with not one nod from the courts. If you make it to a point just above the high water mark -- dry land -- then all of the various processes and procedures of the INS and the courts are ready to help you stay here.

This is the "Haitian" method. You crash a boat onto the beach and run.

The United States southern border is 1,945 miles long. It follows a line from San Diego / Imperial Beach, California on the Pacific coast to Brownsville, Texas on the Caribbean.

There are 16 official Ports of Entry along the US / Mexican border. These entry points are the only official crossing points along this border. Of the 1,945 miles of border only about 50 miles are actually guarded by the United States Border Patrol. These 50 miles surround the various official crossing points and an additional 15 miles of barricade from the Pacific Ocean Eastward.


San Ysidro
San Luis
Del Rio
Eagle Pass
El Paso
Point Isabel


To illegally -- and yet openly -- cross the United States border at a Port of Entry one must have that level of forged documentation sufficient to fool experienced Immigration and Naturalization Service, US Customs, and Border Patrol personnel. Usually these forgeries are limited to forged "green cards." Some passports are doctored but only for really "high value" illegals.

It is also possible to cross the border secured within some hidden compartment of a vehicle. The success of such an adventure is totally dependent upon the failings of the federal officer who greets you and the emotional composure of the vehicle's driver and the quality of the vehicle's secret compartment


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There was one individual who simply took the cushions out of his passenger side car seat and then stuffed his friend in the space and covered him back up with the zippered upholstery. To add a bit of camouflage, the driver planted a baby seat on top of him. The US Border Patrol Agent at the Port of Entry looked at the oddly shaped "cushion" and unzipped him far enough to get a photo and then took them both away.

The number of illegals detained at US Ports of Entry for any violation is comparatively small.

The vast majority of illegal aliens entering the United States do so on foot through the open expanse of America's Great American Desert. Thousands upon thousands of squalid trails mark the northward migration of illegals through some of the most inhospitable terrain on earth.

U.S. Border Patrol on Horseback
On Patrol.


These illegals favor the El Paso, Texas area, the Douglas, Arizona area, and the El Centro, California area. When you look at a map you see that these potential points of attack are fed by rail lines and roadways in Mexico. The terrain of Mexico is no more hospitable at these crossing points than it is on the US side and so travel to jumping off points inside Mexico is by road and rail. You can actually just go to a Mexican border town bus terminal and spot the illegals-to-be getting off the bus.

It is a very sad reality that thousands of potential Mexican border crossers have died even many miles south of the border, deep within Mexico, and long before they have even approached the US / Mexico frontier. These people simply did not have the money for a bus ticket and died walking north inside Mexico.

There is one solid organization that is known for trying to help these poor people inside their own countries. That organization is Rescue Task Force. Rescue Task Force goes to these foreign lands and provides medical care and more to these people. They make things better for these people -- if anything so that these poor people have no reason to come here. If you want to do some good and save lives and give these poor people less of a reason to die on their way here, donate to Rescue Task Force.

Rescue Task Force

Rescue Task Force actually helps people in need. Click here and help them.

How bad is the situation? Most border cities of Mexico are desperate places packed with tens or even hundreds of thousands of people waiting for a chance to cross our border northwards.


The book is "Across the Wire". Click and learn about how Mexico sends its poor here.

Once across the border the illegal aliens follow well traveled paths to the north.

Most of the illegal alien trails within the United States are strewn with the detritus of this illegal Mexican migration. There are miles upon miles of discarded food containers, plastic water jugs, inedible food scraps, human feces, and soiled clothing.

United States Senator Barbara Boxer passed legislation banning the United States Border Patrol from any travel along much of the US southwest border area. This left these areas as a free migration zone for illegals. It was all done to "save the environment."

Many of the most valuable of these natural areas have since been converted to barren wastelands by diversionary forest fires which were set by illegal aliens simply to distract Border Patrol Agents. The largest fire in San Diego history in 40 years -- called the Alpine Fire -- was started by illegals. The catastrophe was then compounded by actions of the left-leaning American Red Cross which absorbed mountains of dollars in donations to help the victims of the fire and then the money "vanished." This is similar to their actions during the Red Cross fund raising efforts for 9-11-2001 where little of the money ever reached the people for whom it was collected.

Much of the Great American Desert is now scattered with hundreds upon hundreds of "do-gooder" placed water jugs. This water is to allow the illegal alien to refresh himself on his way north. In some places the illegal aliens have filed suit in US courts to force water stations to be implaced for them -- by our federal government. Further, the suits demand that the illegals who have already died in the US deserts have their families compensated for their deaths -- in the millions of dollars each.

The illegal aliens that enter the United States are not passive. Violent crime is rampant along the US / Mexican border. This crime is not simply a few "undocumented migrants" seeking cool water and opening a tap. Homes are entered, ransacked, and the occupants murdered. In one of the most notorious cases, an illegal alien rampaged the entire southwest murdering nearly everyone he could get his hands on. It was only a massive effort by the Texas Rangers that brought the person to justice.

In Ciudad Juárez -- just across the border from El Paso, Texas, hundreds of teenage girls have been murdered... essentially for sport. More than a few investigators--including the authors of the U.S. Department of State's human rights report on Mexico--conclude that the killings could not have gone on for so long without the connivance of the police. Figures compiled by the Office of the Special Prosecutor for Women's Murders in Ciudad Juárez show that at least 230 women and possibly even 400 women have recently been killed. The killings bear the hallmarks of sex-abuse serial killings.

This massive plague of murder of the innocent washes north across the US border.

Cases include the murder of a six year old girl in her own American backyard because the illegal alien wanted to use her bicycle. He stabbed her in the heart with a screwdriver.

Near the agricultural community of El Centro, California, the United States government has funded one of the largest irrigation efforts in the country. This complex of irrigation canals and ditches is fed by the All America Canal and is called the Imperial Irrigation District (IID). The IID consists of more than 80 miles of irrigation waterway and much of it is along the US / Mexican border.

Illegal aliens penetrate the US border defenses just south of El Centro and then cross the IID canals. Some drown. The water is seemingly placid, but just below the surface it flows at an alarming speed on its way to the farmer's fields. Further, the water is not tepid. The water is usually as cold as the mountain ice from which is has come only hours before. The illegal aliens cross the canal because the United States Border Patrol has been ordered away from the canal's edge so that even their simple presence cannot be used as a cause celeb and drowning deaths attributed to some "fear" of US Border Patrol Agents nearby. Thousands of illegals escape northward every week as the US Border Patrol remains even half a mile from the water's edge.

The same people who have placed water jugs upon the desert sands for illegals to refresh themselves have demanded that ropes be placed across these canals so that the illegals can cross with impunity. What is demanded are crossing ropes every 100 yards. The IID has seen the problem with this notion in that once installed, the act opens them to civil liability of monumental proportions. In a land where the simple act of coffee spilling into your very own lap is worth seven million dollars makes future lawsuits a certainty. Certainly, the ropes should be not 100 yards apart but instead not more than 10 yards apart, and then permanent "Undocumented Migrant" Concrete Bridges would be next (plus additional millions for the uncounted "victims").

Many times the illegals are brought across the frontier by a professional smuggler. He may escort as many as fifty illegals at one time. The price for each averages $2,500.

To avoid US Border Patrol Agents, the smugglers can take mountain trails even in winter. Infrequently -- but somehow warranting massive media coverage when it occurs -- the illegals are caught in snow flurries. They suffer from exposure and some die.

Whether it be the heat of the desert or the cold of the mountains the illegal aliens are often saved by the US Border Patrol and taken to nearby hospitals. The ambulance transporting the illegals and the hospital treating the illegals are never paid. The only remuneration the hospitals and ambulance services receive is by marking up US citizen's ambulance and hospital bills to cover their losses. Yes, we pay for the illegals.

There are about a hundred US hospitals along the US / Mexican border. Each of these hospitals loses an average of two million dollars a year for the treatment of just illegals brought in through the emergency room due to debilitation from exposure. Many of these illegals can spend six months in intensive care with an average daily cost of $2,000. Usually these cases are from heat stroke and the prognosis is very poor. The families do not allow the hospital to discontinue life support and at some point the patient is returned to Mexico where they then die. Yes, even half a million dollars to maintain the illegal who is incapable of ever regaining consciousness and is then returned to Mexico where they die.

The Immigration and Naturalization Service is proud to state that the increase in illegal alien traffic has been less than 275,000 a year. No, that is not the number of illegals crossing the border, that is the increase in the yearly number of illegals crossing the border.

In 1965, the number of illegal aliens apprehended by the US Border Patrol was 110,000. In fiscal year 1996 that number was 1,650,000. The number of apprehensions is not the number of people who entered the country illegally. The number apprehended is the number of illegal aliens the US Border Patrol actually caught. For every illegal alien caught, the US Border Patrol estimates that they miss four. The good news in this equation is that some of the illegal aliens the US Border Patrol catches are quickly deported only to quickly try again. Thus the real number of illegals actually being caught (subtracting the multiple attempts) might be as low as 1,200,000. Yes, the US Border Patrol may only be capturing a little over a million illegals a year. So instead of possibly 6.5 million illegals getting through the real number may only be 4.8 million.

There is a certain level of insanity to all of these numbers. Because, it seems, showing that large numbers of illegal aliens are entering the country may alarm the populace (especially today), and so the numbers are to be kept low. How are the numbers kept low? The US Border Patrol Agent in the field is tacitly encouraged NOT to apprehend illegals. Yes, just let them through. The logic is that if the statistics show a low apprehension rate then -- by multiplying by four -- the number of illegals entering the country must also be lower and thus the US Border Patrol is doing its job.


This is not the intent of the US Border Patrol Agent in the field but that of the still-in-the-saddle-after-Bill-Clinton regional administrators.

One of the reasons President George Bush wants more control over the new Homeland Security Agency is to rid us of these people who are so protected by civil service regulations.

It hasn't always been thus... The Border Patrol District Chief in El Paso, Silvestre Reyes (now member of the US Congress), became tired of the constant flood of illegals. He launched what was called Operation Blockade, which was an intensive around the clock patrol of the El Paso border area. This operation, later reported in the media as named Operation Hold-the-Line was quite successful.

Copycat operations were then initiated in San Diego -- as Operation Gatekeeper -- and then in other border areas. These high intensity operations encouraged the illegals to cross farther from their nominal transportation centers on the northern side of the border which would quickly take them deep into the heart of America.

What this has now done is make much of the United States' federal interstate highway system of the southwest a death trap for all who travel there. The illegal aliens steal vans or other large capacity vehicles and then pack them with as many illegals as possible and then race for some high density illegal alien haven such as Los Angeles. The overloaded vehicles have a tremendous propensity for flipping over on turns and many illegal aliens die or are tragically injured only to be brought to health in a US border hospital at average American bill payer expense. In other cases, huge semi trucks are employed to carry even 177 illegals at a time.

Lastly, the illegal aliens are now avoiding the US Border Patrol Agents by driving at night, in the oncoming lanes of the freeways, and with their head lights out. Even 32 people are killed or injured at one time when these illegal aliens slam their overloaded vans into innocent Americans.

Here are the apprehension statistics for the last 35 years, remember to multiply by four to get the number of illegals that get through:



1961 88,823

1962 92,758

1963 88,712

1964 86,597

1965 110,371

1966 138,520

1967 161,608

1968 212,057

1969 283,557

1970 345,353

1971 420,126

1972 505,949

1973 655,968

1974 788,145

1975 766,600

1976 1,097,739*

1977 1,042,215

1978 1,057,977

1979 1,076,418

1980 910,361

1981 975,780

1982 970,246

1983 1,251,357

1984 1,246,981

1985 1,348,749

1986 1,767,400

1987 1,190,488

1988 1,008,145

1989 954,243

1990 1,169,939

1991 1,197,875

1992 1,258,482

1993 1,327,259

1994 1,094,717

1995 1,394,554

1996 1,649,986

* 1976 data is for 15 months


Other interesting illegal aliens:

The influx of certain other dangerous groups has also reached startling proportions.

There are, for example, those people of north eastern Africa called Somalis.

Some time ago, United States armed forces were sent into Somalia to help the people and save them from utter starvation. The United Nations also sent in several thousand military personnel as well. One day, about 20 of the UN troops were slaughtered, then hacked into tiny pieces and the pieces fed to wild dogs.

The US troops were then put on alert and called upon to enforce UN rules. Two of our US helicopters were shot down and some of the Americans who crashed in those helicopters or went in to save the people who crashed in those helicopters were also hacked to pieces -- although in our case,they were not hacked into small chunks and fed to dogs.

Hundreds of US troops then went on alert and entered the town of Mogadishu to save their fallen comrades and to capture some of the perpetrators. There was a bloodbath, and many US troops were killed or wounded.

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Many of our troops were killed because they did not have what they needed to protect them. Yes, they were actually not allowed the equipment they desperately needed to protect themselves. In fact, some of that equipment was removed from their arsenal just prior to the operation so as not to make them seem to be too aggressive. It killed them.

Khat Eater
Khat eater waiting for a new target.


Almost all of the barbarians who attacked the UN peacekeepers and the barbarians who hacked them into chunks and the barbarians who attacked our troops and the barbarians who then -- by the thousands -- attacked our rescue forces all chewed a narcotic called Khat.


Mogadishu Terror

This video clip is graphic.

Do not view it if you may be sickened by it.

The number of violent aliens and illegal aliens in America at this moment from that part of the world can be calculated by the amount of this drug being smuggled into the country. The narcotic is an acquired taste and certainly not for an American palate.

Here is some data: The amount of this narcotic "Khat" captured on its way to those people who are already inside this country:


17.6 tons in 1996

21.1 tons in 1997

27.6 tons in 1998

22.1 tons in 1999

33.8 tons in 2000

37.2 tons in 2001

Source: El Paso Intelligence Center (EPIC) from USCS data.

al Qaeda U.S. Border Patrol Overview Southwest


This site is maintained by supporters of the United States Border Patrol and this is not an official government site. The contents of this site are privately managed and not subject to the direction or control of the United States Border Patrol.