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East Arizona Part 3

The U.S. State Department has done all that it can do in today’s political climate to warn America to stay away from Mexico.

Unfortunately, this massive Mexican drug war does not stop at the border fence. The criminals, the deaths, the unbridled criminality explodes north and deep into America.

There are people living all over America who believe the words of the Founding Father’s Declaration of Independence — which states that secure borders are essential to a safe America. In fact, a call for safe borders is the 27th and the last Cause of Action in that historic document.

The Arizona towns most affected by the onslaught of border criminality are Douglas, Naco, Nogales, Sierra Vista, and Tombstone. There are several large Arizona Indian reservations affected as well.

As reported in Congressional hearings in Washington, D.C., the Indian reservations are being hit hard with over 1,000 cars being abandoned and then burned on their lands each year at the hands of Mexican drug smugglers.

It Gets Worse

Arizona has some of the largest military installations in the United States. One of these has lost over 46 full days of training for our men and women going to Iraq because illegal aliens were causing severe security problems as they scampered over the base’s fences and to the north.

On a U.S. Marine Corps installation in Arizona, more than 1,100 illegal aliens were apprehended in just three months. On that same installation, convoys of drug vehicles race north and on to Interstate 8 the major U.S. east / west Interstate highway.

And it does get worse. Some of these Mexicans enter our military bases and then steel the explosives from unexploded bombs — taking the explosives back to Mexico. The highlighted report describes what goes on more than 30 miles inside the United States.

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