Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

East Arizona Part 5

  1. Mexican border towns are being destroyed by Mexican gang and drug cartel violence and the violence is washing over our border and touching even Chicago and New York.
  2. Just one Mexican town alone has seen over 400 teenage girls kidnapped, raped, dismembered and their bodies buried in shallow graves — even Jane Fonda has protested that violence. The graves of other teenage girls are scattered all along the Mexican border and they are only discovered when the mummified fingers are exposed by the wind.
    (Of course, it is a very curious thing that Jane Fonda is willing to protest the wanton murder of young girls by Mexican gangs in Mexico but not the wanton murder of young girls by Mexican gangs inside the USA.)
    Jane Fonda
  3. The United States State Department warns all U.S. citizens against even entering Mexico through the border areas due to the vast numbers of kidnappings and murders of American citizens.
  4. Another Mexican border town of two million citizens has seen four of their chiefs of police murdered, their newspaper owners and editors machine gunned dead, pitched gun battles between drug cartels right on their city streets, and gunfights right at the U.S. port of entry.
  5. To reduce the violence, vast areas of northern Mexico are now being occupied by Mexican Army troops backed up by tanks.
  6. The political elite of Mexico are not immune. The son of the former mayor of Tijuana was kidnapped and murdered. Former presidents of Mexico and their brothers are in jail for drug crimes.
  7. Thanks to the teaming of Muslim drug lords from Afghanistan with Mexican drug cartels, over 100 human heads have been dumped even along the U.S. / Mexico border. Human heads are floating onto the beaches ofMexican resorts and being dumped five at a time onto nightclub dance floors, and are rolling down the streets of major Mexican cities.

Living in isolated ranches miles from any help with the people just like that in the image above stealing your car or hijacking your wife. The people of Tombstone cannot survive this continued onslaught.

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