Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

East Arizona Part 6

Many in America’s government agencies are simply disconnected from reality and have no idea whatsoever what is going on along our borders. Washington is now telling America that 700 miles of border fence is too much and TV cameras will defend our borders.

In the same spirit, every U.S. Citizen will soon be required to present a passport when entering the United States from Mexico. Certainly, this must be for our collective safety.

Of course, the four million illegal aliens, drug smugglers, El Salvadoran and Honduran gang members, vast numbers of Mexican drug cartel members, and the coveys of terrified sex slaves who enter our country each year will continue to do so without such diplomatic encumbrances as a passport by simply skirting the official ports of entry and stampeding over the simple four strand wire fence (which is all there is along most of the border) and thence into America.

One might leap to the conclusion that after the year 2008, a U.S. citizens’ return to America may also be far easier to accomplish by clambering over those same four delicate strands of border fence instead of waiting long hours at some official port of entry where strip searches are but the next step.


The town of Tombstone is part of American history. It was here, more than a hundred years ago, that America’s Wild West was … wild. Gunfights were frequent happenings. One of the most celebrated gunfights in American Western Lore occurred right off Tombstone’s main street in front of a small horse stable called the OK Coral.

Pistols are so hard to handle — especially when the shootist is drunk. But it really helps your score when maybe half of the other team are unarmed.

So, yes there is probably about as much truth in what the media is saying about the Arizona border today as you can find in a Hollywood movie about the OK Corral.

But the violence of Mexico races north over the border and brings a cataclism to the isolated towns of Arizona — including Tombstone.

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