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East Arizona Part 9

And the United States government does absolutely nothing. Calling 911 works — in theory — but when you call, and call, and call, and even after ten years no one responds, you have a problem. That stained glass has been in Tombstone for over 100 years. The gravity of the situation around Tombstone is extreme. Here are the people the women and children of Tombstone meet in their back yards.

Tombstone vigilante justice

The local Tombstone newspaper is the Tombstone Tumbleweed and this crisp little weekly paper does its best to keep the local citizenry alerted to the critical agri-gossip and town hall intrigues. The newspaper also reports on the flood of illegal aliens and drugs and modern day Mexican shootouts in the nearby hills.

The publisher of the local paper has somehow alienated many of Arizona’s political elite by denouncing the illegal alien flood and the various dangers such a flood of criminality poses to his town, the state of Arizona, and to America as a whole.

To reduce the level of hue and cry about border issues, Arizona’s civil servants are spending state tax revenues to buy up land along the Arizona / Mexico border. This then does make such border land state property.

In Arizona, one must have a permit to walk on state property. The permit is an official document and certain persons not possessing such a document when met by state officials while on state property can be arrested. Anyone wishing to walk on state property can pay $15 to $25 and — if the state agrees — be issued said permit and they must then carry said permit with them as required.

Arizona permit

Of course, anyone applying for such a permit is subject to a background check and some people — the publisher of the Tombstone Tumbleweed for example — may not actually be found eligible for such a permit which is issued at the pleasure of the State of Arizona.

Thus, the publisher of the Tombstone Tumbleweed is not allowed to traverse the border lands owned by the state of Arizona (which is more and more of the border) and discover and report various events concerning the constant flood of Mexican border miscreants. However, any illegal alien traversing the same area will not be arrested by state officials because said illegal alien is an illegal alien and thus a federal problem.

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