Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

East Arizona Part 10

Thankfully, the flood of illegals is so massive that the Tombstone Tumbleweed’s publisher need walk no further than his own back door to monitor illegal alien traffic. He need not do more than look north toward the Interstate to see the black clouds of smoke from burning vehicles left behind by some alien smuggler’s or drug smuggler’s territorial dispute — i.e. gunfight. Looking to the west he can see the wisps of smoke from stolen cars burning on the distant Indian reservations.

The concept one must embrace quickly is that just because you have not heard about all of this going on does not mean that it isn’t happening. It is happening. Your TV, radio, and newspaper just don’t tell you about it.


Just to the south of Tombstone is a vast warren of rendezvous points where herds of illegals rest and wait for their transport north to Tucson and Phoenix and even Chicago or New York. These rendezvous points are usually not more than 50 ft off the road and yet can cover half an acre to several acres.

These places are simply covered — carpeted — in everything from human feces to back packs to soiled clothing. The stench of urine hangs in the air.

The Sierra Club

Why is it that the Sierra Club is absolutely and completely silent about all of this?

With 750,000 members and a yearly budget of over $100 million, one might think that they could afford to discover and discuss the incredible damage being done here to the environment.

As this problem has been going on for over a decade, one might leap to the conclusion that the Sierra Club is in complete support of drug smugglers, Honduran murder gangs, and the sale of 12 year old sex slaves and in fact approves of the incredible damage being done along our border.

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