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Central Arizona

The center of the Arizona’s border with Mexico is approximately at the town of Nogales, Arizona. This is the busiest Port of Entry in the state.


Nogales, Arizona has a population of about 20,000 while Nogales, Sonora, Mexico — shown in the photo — has a population of about 250,000.

Orange County court seal

While Nogales, Arizona, USA has few tourist visitations, Nogales, Sonora, Mexico has hundreds of thousands of Gringos visiting each year. Of course they are virtual visitations because California, USA’s Orange County Superior Court sends all its traffic tickets to Nogales, Sonora, Mexico for processing. In this celebration of diversity residents of California experience months of delays and monstrous errors in the traffic tickets, with language barriers causing havoc. While the data is sent electronically from California and is encrypted, when it arrives in Nogales all of Mexico knows the ticketee’s inner secrets. Since USBP uniforms are made by the lowest bidder (in Mexico) and even the new U.S. border fence components are made in Mexico (and even in Red China), this all is just an expansion of the true diversity we all will soon embrace.

Pancho Villa set the tone for U.S. / Mexico relations in 1916 by invading the USA and burning the American town of Columbus to the ground. President Wilson called out the entire U.S. Army and the entire U.S. National Guard who quickly arrayed themselves along our border with Mexico. Our forces had no intention of allowing any other town to suffer such indignity — or the loss of another 16 civilians including an unborn child.

Thanks to Pancho Villa forcing President Wilson to get serious about border security, Nogales, Arizona, is on record as having the last pitched battle between American Indians and the U.S Cavalry. A band of Yaqui Indians fought the U.S. Army here in 1917 — six months after the Pancho Villa border invasion with his 1,000 man army. The U.S. soldiers in this Last Battle were the famous Buffalo Soldiers — the 10th U.S. Cavalry.

Nogales, Arizona’s official Port of Entry is literally the southernmost tip of Arizona’s Highway 19. Northward from the Port of Entry in Nogales, the highway links the border city with Tucson and then Phoenix far to the north.

Nogales POE

Nogales Port of Entry into the United States.

The Nogales area is a major smuggling center for illegals and drugs. While a Primary barrier has been constructed between the two towns, it is far from sufficient to stop the illegal traffic.

Nogales East Wall

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