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Secure Border Initiative Part 2

The first effort from Boeing is to try to do something in the Tucson sector of the border where there are some really horrendous breaches of national security.

Their other efforts may also include some attention to Yuma sector and the massive rush of smugglers trying to hit the main east west U.S. Interstate that lies from just 100 feet to about 20 miles north of the Mexican border.

Further, with our continued involvement in Afghanistan and Iraq, our forces need training and yet the military training areas surrounding Yuma must be constantly closed due to illegal alien incursions — more than 60 training days a year are being lost. This is especially true of the Chocolate Mountain area training ranges. Efforts are in the works to put impromptu observation posts between the border and the bombing ranges and right along the freeway — all looking south.

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The National Guard

Thanks to Operation Jump Start hundreds of National Guard troops have been trucked to various border hotspots to provide manpower for border fence construction and also to act as border lookouts.

Some of the Guard’s border fence construction effort has been halted due to yet another federal lawsuit by environmentalists. These are the same kinds of people who protest the steam cleaning of urine and feces from the sidewalks in Los Angeles because the homeless might then feel unwanted and feel the area is no longer their home … You may not agree with these people but that does not mean they are not very effective.

The constant well funded environmentalist attacks against securing our borders from the mayhem from the south has already brought much of SBI to a grinding halt.

The following information is elsewhere on this site but the magnitude of the insanity and threat to national security from their fantasies shows why we still have over 300 people murdered each month in this country at the hands of illegal aliens.

Here is a — now in the courts click to download the PDF — lawsuit example:

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