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Secure Border Initiative Part 3

The San Diego / Tijuana area has the second highest volume of illegal alien apprehensions in the nation. Only Tucson Sector has a higher volume.

Tijuana is also the center of gravity for several very violent drug cartels who murdered 30 Tijuana policemen last year alone. It has had four of its chiefs of police murdered, has a murder body count higher than all of Western Europe combined, has altercations between federal police and the cartels with the cartels using belt fed machineguns, the entire police force was disarmed for a month and federal troops took the city, and last year Tijuana actually had human heads rolling down the streets.

Into this diverse melieu enter … the environmentalists.

The environmentalists have filed suit.

The environmentalists say that the border northwest of Tijuana, Mexico — that is California’s Border Field State Park — is an environmental jewel (it says so in the lawsuit), and that a border fence will stop equestrians from enjoying the view of the ocean. The reality is that the area is a micturating cesspool of Mexican sewage and industrial wastes with even 25 million gallons of these fluids (that sometimes spontaneously combust) flowing north into the U.S.A on a given day. The San Diego Union newspaper (sixth largest in the U.S.) literally called the place TIJUANA’S TOILET and said that even with millions of American taxpayer dollars in sewage facility construction to solve Mexico’s problem Tijuana will still dump tons of toxic horrors into our common ocean.

Equestrians? Any horse that actually walked through these border fluids might have to be put down.

It is not just dogs and cats that mark their territory with micturation, even lobsters spew their pheromones to mark their area. In the present case it’s Tijuana, Mexico marking their future territory and creating possibly the largest single violation of the U.S. Marine Mammal Protection Act on the Pacific Coast as their fluids flow into the U.S.A and then across the park and into the Pacific. Oh, and the park is also an un-cleared bombing range. One area specifically noted in the lawsuit as a true gem for us all and for our children is Smuggler’s Gulch where (and somehow not mentioned in the lawsuit) the city and county of San Diego wanted to build a 59 acre foot sewage containment pond to hold back the Mexican … fluids. The whole area is so violent that it has its own 400 agent USBP station with lots of prison cells and the prisoner transport vans arrive twice a day to scoop up the day’s catch.

But thanks to concern for the environment, the National Guard Jump Start people have been forced to stop work on the border fence. People won’t be building border fences along this area of the border for a long time.

The National Guard’s efforts along other parts of the border — where they have been tasked with observing the border — have met with interesting replies from the south. This has included being swarmed by well-armed Mexican Federal Troops crossing into the U.S.A as part of their semi-official duties guarding Mexican drug convoys.

Letting the National Guard carry bullets for their guns would be mean spirited.

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