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Secure Border Initiative Part 8

Another interesting Boeing requirement is for a climb-proof fence. Some distance north of the vehicle barrier there is to be — in some locations — a climb-proof fence. A climb-proof fence 15 feet high does not work. A climb-proof fence 15 feet high with a 45 degree overhang really does not work. A climb-proof fence 25 feet high works fine. What are we building?

Not that.

The Dark Reality of SBI is that what Boeing is creating is a fully automated traffic monitoring system like the one used by state highway organizations to count cars on the freeway — with the 511 option. They are not building something to stop the traffic but only count the people going past. Building real barrier infrastructure is building something permanent. A wall is permanent and it works. Boeing is building a billion dollar set of traffic lights.

They are funding the concept of a secure border, but only building something that’s easy to tear down and even easier to abandon.

The Lemming’s Reality

Let’s say you have ten million lemmings. All the lemmings plan to stampede into your yard. You can install TV cameras and lemming sensors and lemming counters. The problem is that you are not stopping the lemmings. You are creating a Harvard University Study of lemming behavior.

To stop the lemmings from getting into your yard you need to stop them from getting into your yard.

If you installed barriers like those to be installed along our border then you would have to maintain about one Lemming Stopping Person every half mile seven days a week and 24 hours a day. This works out to about $700,000 per half mile per year for Lemming Stopping People alone.

In our case, we will need about 30,000 new agents to make this work. This will never happen because it is mean spirited to hire people to protect our border and even if we tried it would take ten years to get them all trained and fielded.

What is needed is a barrier that does not need agents every half mile 24 hours a day and seven days a week.

Does such a barrier exist?


Does Boeing have it?


Illegal aliens are coming into the United States of America and killing more civilians each year than we have lost solders after five years of war in Afghanistan and Iraq combined. Our government is willing spend one trillion dollars on a project 12,000 miles from home when the real live threat to our families and our children is half an inch south of the U.S. border. Illegal aliens kill more people in the USA every month than would die in a 747 plane crash every single month and nothing is done.

Otay Group
Here are experts in building a border barrier.

Are they building our border barrier?


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