Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

SBI in the popular press

The image below is one concept of how we thought our borders could be made secure — it’s as good as anything Boeing has come up with.

Now for the reality check:

The blimps have already been discarded, so too, the drones. The Jeeps we have are in such bad shape that they drive themselves in tight circles. You can forget about putting anything sharp on the top of the fence because then the illegals might hurt themselves and so no place along the entire border will we be allowed to have anything like that. The two barriers shown are so close together that if the Agent was trapped between the fences like that he would be splatterd with Molotov Cocktails and his windshield shattered by rocks — as happens each and every day along the border. The camera systems are nice but if they were placed where they are in the conceptual drawing then they would be stripped off their mounts and sold at swap meets in Tijuana or Nuevo Laredo — or even stolen by the drug cartels to use against us.

steel bubble around America

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