Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

Southern Barrier, Part 10

The border barrier quickly returns to a single primary barrier of steel plates. At a point just three miles east of Tijuana the barrier becomes nothing but three strands of cattle fencing. From this point and for 25 miles, there is nothing stopping the smugglers.

Tijuana East

As required by the treaty of Guadelupe Hidalgo, the border is marked with permanent survey markers. Each marker is numbered. Originally the markers were numbered from the Pacific Ocean to the Caribbean and ending at the waters edge in Texas. Texas congressman took umbrage and had all the markers renumbered (at taxpayer expense). Now, marker number one is in Texas and the last marker is 100 feet from the Pacific Ocean in California.

The image at the left allows you to sight a line along the marker and follow the border to the distant mountain. Beyond that mountain the border again takes on a more robust construction of steel plates.

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