Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

Southern Barrier, Part 3

There are some parts of The Wall which are in three layers. It was discovered that illegal aliens and drug smugglers would crash even ten cars through the fence at one time and force a path. To stop this the USBP installed a triple barrier. First there is the steel barrier above, then a climb-proof fence and then a last defense of 20 ft high concrete posts pounded deep into the ground.

U.S. Border PAtrol Bollard Fence

The 45 degree flat anti-climb plate at the top of the Bollard barrier is the last protection provided along this part of the border.

Tijuana is just to the south — to the right — of this barrier.

The violence of Tijuana, Mexico often sends AK-47 rifle fire over the border and into USBP vehicles. To limit the mayhem, many Border Patrol vehicles used in dangerous areas — even a quarter mile north of the border — are fully armor plated.

U.S. Border Patrol Armored Cars

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