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Southern Barrier, Part 4

Because the Sonoran desert is so inhospitable, most illegals take public transport from the interior of Mexico, along major highways, to Mexican border cities. The illegal alien traffic is thus concentrated near major Mexican transit centers. The traffic then moves to the border and then waits for the right moment to cross.

Most of the border has been franchised so that the border can be thought of as hundreds or thousands of strips each a business for a different smuggling enterprise.

While farmworkers might use one such enterprise, 1326’s — convicted felons who have been deported and are now returning to the United States — depend upon a more violent subculture.

The Mexican border towns each seem to have their own personality and cater to select groups. Tijuana is one of the most violent cities on earth and it offers its services to some of the most despicable border crossers of all.

Illegal Alien Trails Mexico

The map above shows transit lanes for violent felons returning to the United States. The Pacific Ocean is at the left and you are looking north. the map represents about five miles of border with Mexico.

The river seen on that map is the Tijuana River and the area near the Pacific Ocean is a California State Park. All is not as it may seem and that California State park is coated in 25 million gallons of raw Mexican sewage a day, is covered in enough RICIN to kill every mammal on earth twice over, Industrial wastes flow northward from Mexico through the canyons and are so reactive that they even combust spontaneously, and this very real California State Park is also an uncleared bombing range.

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