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Eastern California Part 4

While the United States provides Mexico with billions of gallons of fresh Colorado River water as agreed under treaty, Mexico sends us sewage. The images here are of the most polluted water in the entire United States. This fluid flowing north is called New River. The second most polluted water in all of the United States comes also from Mexico — from Tijuana — and floods the Tijuana River Estuary and Border Field State Park (a real California State Park).

New River Long

The Mexican fluid coming north near Calexico, California flows unstopped for miles and finally reaches the Salton Sea where it kills nearly every warm blooded thing it touches.

The fluids seen here contain — because they are tested weekly — nearly every desease and poison known to pass through a human (and some that can’t pass thorugh a human because you would be dead before they made it out of your body).

These include, Uranium, Selenium, Arsenic, Mercury, Dioxin, and DDT.

The fluid also contains everything from hepatitis and typhoid to polio and cholera.

The stench is bad enough to make the average person gag. The fumes seem to seep into one’s clothing and you smell like New River until they — and you — are washed.

The USBP Union filed suit in the Federal Court of Claims for damages to the union members from just being near this stuff — and for walking through the border’s California State Park which is equally poisonous. The federal government settled out of court for $15,000,000.

While most unpleasant for all living things, there is a far more dangerous side to this Mexican Export. The New River carries its incredible slurry deep into the United States and then drops it into the Salton Sea. The Salton Sea is in the middle of the desert and the heat from the sun evaporates the fluid. The super concentrated dried poison then floats in the air and is carried by the winds easily as far as Kansas. This very real Weapon of Mass Destruction and is so toxic that if Mexico is not held to account this catastrophe will soon make much of the area around the Salton Sea uninhabitable. Even today, when the desert wind comes up, it causes dust storms that burn the eyes and nostrils and lungs. These dust storms are DDT, Selinium, Arsenic, and Uranium. Possibly the worst of these the Uranium.

El Centro New River Sign

While this wonderful waterway may seem terrifying, the fact is that illegal aliens float down this open sewer and across the U.S. / Mexico border — all night long.

The standard flotation device is an old inner tube.

This water is so dangerous that the USBP will not enter the water to apprehend the illegals.

The illegals know this and use it to their advantage.

There is the problem that many of these illegals then fall ill and become very expensive burdens to the local hospitals. Others somehow carry on and can be seen making your salad at a posh restaurant in Chicago or other points north and east.

The real victims are the children.

El Centro New River baby

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