Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

Eastern California Part 8

As we move farther eastwards we again enter the Great American Desert.

Here, sand dunes and lizards surround us.

The main U.S. Interstate Highway — Interstate 8 — is but a hundred feet from the border. The camper and its trailer in the image below are not parked. They are moving eastwards toward the Colorado River and the tourist paradise of the Arizona Highways.

Note too the singular vehicle barrier. That continuous line of triangular pipe segments chained together is all that stand between smugglers from Mexico and America’s massive Highway System.

When the camera is turned southwards, one of the nearly two thousand border monuments along our border is our only companion. The fixtures on the right side of the monument are for a device which can be inserted and can then be used to sight along the border east or west and maintain the official alignment of the border line.

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