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Los Angeles

Imagine Los Angeles in the first decade of the 21st century. More different races, religions, cultures, languages, and people mingle here than in any [other] city in the world

LA2000: A city for the future, A report of the LA200 Committee

Los Angeles is the travel destination for most of the people, the undocumented immigrants, illegally traversing California’s portion of the U.S. / Mexico border.

The very infrastructure of this city is nearing collapse and without federal intervention exceeding even that of the early months of WWII there may be no hope. Note that even official city documents have serious errors in their English (the other is needed in the sentence above).

Los Angeles, California is really a second Tijuana, Mexico, and it is becoming more so every day. Los Angeles, California, may have as many as three million hardy souls who at some time crossed the border illegally and have remained together — maintaining their native tongue and lifestyle above all else. There are more people of Mexican descent in Los Angeles than in any other place on earth except Mexico City. There are even more Spanish speaking radio stations in Los Angeles than there are English speaking stations. When Mexican politicians want to reach their second largest national constituency they leave Mexico and come to Los Angeles. Yes, the Mexican illegal alien population in Los Angeles makes it the second most populous Hispanic city in the world and their votes do count.

There are more Hispanic media outlets in Los Angeles than there are Gringo media outlets. When in doubt, it’s best to say you are part of Mexico. Here’s a real Los Angeles billboard.

Spanish language billboard in Los Angeles, California

The sheriff of Los Angeles County says that Mexico is dumping its unwanted citizens over our border.

California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger commented that Hispanics should focus on English language TV and radio so that they can become part of America. The local stations immediately ridiculed him because, after all, the plan is not to integrate but instead to make California part of Mexico in a process called conquest through immigration.

Sure, there are fine universities and even movie studios in Los Angeles. The problem is that these institutions are to Los Angeles what the Green Zone is to Baghdad.

The true spirit of the city is documented in an award ceremony after the One Million Illegal Alien March. The city’s mayor handed out special awards to the radio stations that encouraged the illegals to gather and protest on the streets. He also condemned the singular radio station that advocated law and order.

The city’s mayor and other California politicians can be quite candid in discussing their plans for the city of Los Angeles and the state of California. The clip begins with a Texas University professor’s assurances of America’s future.

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