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Los Angeles Part 3

As the undocumented immigrants increase in number they have created barrios scattered across the city and each of these 50 to 500 city block areas has become another Tijuana.

For example, the shopkeepers of downtown Los Angeles have tried to turn their tiny central five block area of their city into an Hispanic tourist mecca. To encourage visitors even to dare to come, they pleaded with the police to increase law enforcement. When the police were unable to provide the numbers of police actually needed to keep rampant crime in check even along the sidewalks of five city blocks, these shopkeepers assessed themselves and have hired more than 100 private police — with guns — to manage the safety of visitors. These 100 hired guns are not ensconced in the high rise office buildings (those buildings have their own private police forces) but instead patrol this tiny tourist area. God help you if — camera in hand — you drift outside of that bubble created by Colt, Smith & Wesson, and Glock.

As Los Angeles loses control of itself, the loonies come out. Los Angeles is finding it difficult to steam clean the dried human feces and urine from city sidewalks. It seems protesters are concerned that such actions will make the homeless no longer feel at home …

Los Angeles’ mayor is completely amazed that all of this gang violence is in his city. Norway discovered that over 70 percent of all the rapes in their country were perpetrated by immigrants so they started sensitivity training for all new immigrants. Maybe sensitivity training will work in Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Police Chief William Bratton — eager to increase his empire but we can’t hold that against him — is now trying to increase his police force by 3,200 just to quell the celebratory events occurring night and day in the barrios.

Nearly 200 police cars prowl the barrios 24 hours a day, seven days a week and to Chief Bratton, it isn’t enough. The glorious Fiesta continues around the clock in this Tijuana to the north. Certainly, there are thousands of celebratory events every year which do not rise to the level of even local TV news coverage. There are the eight year olds who bleed to death from bullet holes because they walked into the crossfire of drug cartel gun battles. There are the smoldering corpses of teenage girls who were gang raped, shot in the head, and then set on fire in front of their boyfriend’s home.

There are well over 600 Hispanic gangs in Los Angeles with a total of over 40,000 members.

To stop the uncontrolled violence, the Los Angeles city attorney has come up with a cunning plan. As one might imagine in a city with Third World aspirations, even the city attorney’s wife has a bench warrant out for her — and has since before 9/11. But to quell the violence, the cunning plan is to slap gang members with court orders to stay away from each other and not gather together in their gang territories. What this has done is send the Shock Troops of conquest through immigration out to distant towns encircling Los Angeles where they set up subsidiary gangs. Instead of encircling the gangs or containing the gangs they have been spread out to a radius of 60 miles. The plan would have not been more effective if they had been dropped by parachutes like the assault troops they really are.

Some politicians worry that we must give them all amnesty or they might become violent and burn cars — or maybe do other bad things. It is obvious the closest this senator has been to the real Los Angeles is the $1,000 a night Peninsula Beverly Hills Hotel.

Even at the center of the city and in broad daylight danger lurks. Recently, there was an altercation between Los Angeles police and immigrants at a place called MacArthur Park. After WWII an existing park was renamed for General Douglas MacArthur. The park has a small naturally fed lake and polished, glistening white paddle boats once plied the crystal blue waters and children in their Sunday Finest once scampered on the manicured lawns. As the neighborhood turned undocumented immigrant, the boats and children departed. The weedy grass became a drop zone for hypodermic needles, used condoms and empty nickle bags of drugs. The lake was drained just after 9/11 and enough guns (tossed away after some felony) were scraped from the muddy bottom to outfit a small army.

But yes, the diversity of America inexorably increases to our mutual benefit. Whatever disputes these travelers may have between themselves, and whatever their result, America is there to help. For example, should our travelers from the south reach their goal of Los Angeles and somehow cause any conflict within their new community that might encumber them with a wound, they need only live long enough to make it to a hospital’s door to have their every medical need cared for and their healing be assured. Eight hundred sixty million taxpayer dollars are invested each year in providing a level of medical care familiar to them and at just one local Los Angeles hospital alone.

The barrio surrounding the Martin Luther King Jr. -- Harbor Hospitalhas the highest mortality rate of anyplace in California; it also has the highest incidences of disease of all types of anyplace in California. One must visit Detroit (or Washington, D.C.) to find an equal anyplace in America.

Yes, the Martin Luther King Hospital is dedicated to the people of the barrio and provides exciting interplay and lasting memories to all. It is truly of the people, and by the people, and for the people and it holds itself in high regard as an exemplar of our collective futures. It is staffed by the people of the area so as to provide the appropriate sensitive cultural courtesies.

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