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Los Angeles Part 5

During a single two hour barrio gun battle between these youthful groups and the Los Angeles police, the police fired more ammunition than they did during any single event including the Watts Riots and the Symbionese Liberation Army shootouts of the last century.

During another altercation in Nickerson Gardens, the Los Angeles fire department arrived to quell the flames and encountered fusillades of gunfire. The firefighters formed their vehicles into a V and used them as shields. The police advised them to cut their hoses and vacate. The firefighters refused because the hoses were expensive. After another fusillade of AK-47 rounds the firefighters cut their hoses and departed the area with a police escort — letting the place burn.

During the Rodney King disturbance, much of the local area was pillaged and burned to the ground. Many of youthful groups in question were seen targeting stores owned by Koreans. Many of these stores were burned to the ground. In central Koreatown itself — near the mid-Wilshire District — the Korean shopkeepers had a few hours to prepare and so were better armed. Many of these Korean shopkeepers were veterans of the Korean War and well trained, quite willing, and more than able to defend their own lives and property. One Korean gentleman said: Burn this down after 33 years? This is my market, and I am going to protect it. More than 500 rounds were expended by these Koreans in gunfights against the marauders / innocent misunderstood Hispanic youths as the Koreans protected their own lives and property.

While the national news media reported the treatment of Mr. Rodney King by the police and the verdicts of innocent at the policemen’s trial as the reason for the disturbances, the Los Angeles Times researched the arrest records after the event and discovered that of all 694 felony court files, the name Rodney King was recorded only once and even then the perpetrator was simply quoted as uttering: F…k Rodney King.

We must understand that it takes at least 45 minutes to fill out the paperwork for a felony arrest. The police thus could either stay on the street protecting lives and property or take themselves away for nearly an hour doing paperwork on a single suspect. You had to be pretty special for the police to take time out of their busy day to actually arrest you. The 694 felony arrests from the event were simply the most despicable of the tens of thousands of crimes.

There were over 13,000 military troops needed to quell the disturbance. Few understand how close the diversity came to being serious. Those troops carried not just rifles but mortars.

Analysis of the events showed that 80% of the Hispanics were foreign born and represented between 49% and 66% of their local neighborhood population depending upon the area.

Nickerson Gardens holds a special place in the hearts of the Los Angeles Police and it is all hushed up. Here is one example of what goes on to this very day:

41 Arrested in Police Sweep Through Nickerson Gardens

More than 400 heavily armed Los Angeles police officers and FBI agents broke down doors and rousted residents of the state’s largest public housing project before dawn Wednesday, arresting 41 alleged gang members who authorities say dealt in violence and crack cocaine throughout South Los Angeles.

When in Los Angeles and looking for real excitement, here are some places to visit / stay ten miles away from:

Avalon Gardens / Gonzaque Village 701 E 88th Pl., LA, CA 90002
California Apts. 609 California Av., Venice, CA. 90291
Clemson-Corbett 5600/5700 Clemson/Corbett St., LA, CA. 90016
Estrada Courts 3232 Estrada St., LA, CA. 90023
Gibson Manor 1501 E. Century Blvd., LA, CA. 90028
Imperial Courts 11541 Croesus Av., LA, CA. 90059
Independent Square 2455 S. St. Andrews Pl., LA, CA. 90018
Jordan Downs 9800 Grape St., LA, CA. 90002
Las Palmas Gardens 1776 N. Las Palmas Av., LA, CA. 90028
Mar Vista 11965 Allin St., LA, CA. 90230
Nickerson Gardens 1509 E. 114th St., LA, CA 90059
Owensmouth Gardens 6300 Owensmouth Av., Woodland Hills, CA. 91367
Pueblo Del Rio 1801 E. 53rd St., LA, CA. 90058
Ramona Gardens 2830 Lancaster Av., LA, CA. 90033
Rancho San Pedro 275 W. 1st. St., San Pedro, CA. 90731
Reseda East 18450 Ingomar St., Reseda, CA.91335
Reseda West 7725 Reseda Blvd., Reseda, CA. 91335
San Fernando Gardens 10995 Lehigh Ave., Pacoima, CA 91331
Simpson/Saticoy 7541 Simpson Av., N. Hollywood, CA. 91606
Snyder Villas 1536 Yosemite Dr., LA, CA. 90041
Union Tower 455 S. Union Av., LA, CA.90017
Westside Manor 1224 S. Norton Av., LA, CA. 90019
William Mead/Rose Hill 1330 N. Cardinal St., LA, CA. 99012

This is all happening in Los Angeles, over one hundred thirty miles inside the U.S.

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