Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

West California

California’s border with Mexico is comprised of two general geographies: Pacific and mountain, and desert.

A peninsular mountain range comes up from Mexico and splits the border region in half. To the west lies snow capped mountains, green pines and oaks, green pastures and major cities. To the east of that peninsular range lies a burning white oven of desert sands, and rock.

Wedged between the Pacific Ocean and the peninsular range is California’s western border with Mexico.

The western edge of this border extends a hundred yards out into the Pacific Ocean.

fence pacific

The waters of the Pacific, carried by the winds and currents from magical and romantic lands we may consider paradise, are here defiled by millions of gallons of raw sewage and industrial wastes gurgling from the Tijuana metropolis.

Pacific Border Monument

This is the last official border monument in the string of nearly 2,000 monuments from Brownsville, Texas to this one at the edge of the Pacific.

This monument once was considerably taller but constant attacks and repairs reduced it to this shadow of itself. To finally stop the attacks, the United States built that protective barrier on its south side.

Aqua Contaminida

The border here is part of California’s Border Field State Park. This is probably the only park on earth where sewage flows across it freely, where RICIN grows as a weed, and that is an uncleared bombing range. This very real California State Park is so bad that the USBP’s labor union filed suit in the Federal Court of Claims seeking damages for its members who had to even stand in this place. The union received $15,000,000.00 for the hundreds of members damaged by this place’s fumes and fluids. Somehow, park visitors are never told, in English.

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