Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

West California Part 3

Most of the border barrier for several miles is one primary fence made from old aircraft landing mat. This steel mat makes for all sorts of hominess on the south side.

Border Barbeques Become Bubbling Bounties When Bad Boys Bake! Whatever laws you think there are, there aren’t, on the other side of that simple fence. Imagine the fun and excitement for your whole Brownie Troop when it earns badges in Outdoor Cooking or Ecology here. It could take thirty years for them to have a single day not remembering their brief border encounter.

There really are Americans who protest when businesses wash human feces and dried urine off their sidewalks because the homeless will then feel unwelcome. The images here are not of the dregs of an American city but of the most notorious city in Mexico. In a town where anything goes these people have gone beyond even a Tijuana’s limits. And they live for a chance to cross that border.

Border Barbeque

As we move eastward and closer to downtown Tijuana the campers stake out view site property.

Camp Ricin

The cheapest high one can get along the border is sniffing spray paint. The best kind to get is any brand of metallic spray paint. Some find that spray paint is just too pricey so sniffing gasoline can become their to-do thing of the day. Yes, they have built their nest under a plant that can be made into RICIN.

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