Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

West California Part 7

Because we can fit only so many USBP Agents in any one spot, someone decided to build a barrier to reduce the number of Border Patrol Agents needed along this part of the border from maybe 10,000 to something more reasonable, like 3,000.

Here we have before and an after images showing the effect of using just a primary steel plate barrier:




Note, the same light pole is at the right in each image.



Because we are dealing with the largest number of drug cartels in one city anyplace on earth — and they are teamed with Afghan drug lords — and four chiefs of police have been murdered in Tijuana and the entire Tijuana police force has been disarmed and replaced by Mexican Federal Troops … (and human heads are rolling down Avenida Revolucion and gun fights are even between special troops flown from the Mexican Capitol wearing ski masks (so they won’t be recognized and shot later) to fight street gangs armed with belt fed heavy machine guns — who later murder the assistant police chief who reported them in the first place) … a silly little steel plate was decided to be insufficient protection.

TJ Border west

This is the barrier that now protects the United States of America from the worst that goes on in Tijuana, Mexico. It isn’t enough.

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