Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

West California Part 8

The double barrier continues for some miles. The barrier protects various American industry and even an airport with an 8,000-foot runway from the activities to the south.

Tijuana Barrier East

The view to the south is far more interesting. Tossing your detritus over the Primary barrier saves time taking it to the dump. The U.S. government scoops it up maybe once a week.

Tijuana Border House

The area here is called Colonia Libertad. There are several dangerous Colonias in Tijuana and this is one of them. It is so dangerous that Tijuana Police usually do not enter it in a car because the car can be rolled over. Most police duties are performed there via off road motorbike.

Other areas are dangerous for Americans and factory managers. In those areas the residents have borne babies with no brains (anencephally) thanks to the odd fluids dumped down canyons which then seep into the water table. Not to worry! It does rain maybe 11 inches a year in Tijuana, so most of those fluids are eventually washed through California’s Border Field State Park and out to sea.

Border Barrier Hillside

As you can see, some homes do not suffer the indignities of loud flush type toilets. The sewage seeps everywhere and dries and creates human fecal dust that hangs in the city’s air like microscopic brown snow.

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