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Alien Deportation

The ‘Green Card’

If you are an LPR or Lawful Permanent Resident then you must at all times have in your possession a green card. The green card is officially called an Alien Registration Receipt Card. Also, the green card is not actually green.

The green card is a white plastic covered card now, and was pinkish or salmon colored before, and a blue-green before that.

Green card holders can help their relatives get into the United States but the person they help — the new immigrant — will have to wait on a list. Sometimes that list can be quite long. There is a way, however, to avoid the unfortunate encumbrances of long lines and delay.

To get a relative into the United States but at the top of the list or without placement on any list then the person to be invited must be the spouse, parent or child of a U.S. citizen. So if — for example — a U.S. male citizen marries a mail order bride from lets say … Tibet. She will soon then get her green card and then can become a citizen and then she can invite her mother, father, all the children she had in Tibet that she never told her new husband about … all into the United States and without any of them waiting on a list. They all can then can get their green cards and become citizens and invite their spouses, parents, or other children into the United States.

Here’s a more detailed example:

The man marries this middle aged woman from … Tibet. She then invites her mother and her father (no longer married to each other) into the United States and they each invite their new spouses and then they all invite their children (remember the new spouses of the parents could have had other spouses and MORE children). It is quite possible that one U.S. male can cause the population of the United States to increase by over 100 people. And all he did was get married. And be warned. The originating male of this mail-order bride-ness can DIE or get divorced or escape to Bolivia and the process will — once started — continue on and on and on to the very end.

This is truly one case where until death do us part is quite true … only it is not the death of the Blushing Groom that matters but the death of anyone possibly remaining outside the country yet to be invited in.

I have used Tibet in this example because since it is not possible for a female to become the Dali Lama or the Panchen Lama in Tibet this may be grounds for her to invite even unrelated females into the U.S. on tourist visas where they all can claim asylum for religious persecution. If that doesn’t work then she might try Red Chinese Communist religious persecution and the destruction of her form of religion in that sparse and cold land. Lastly, she can have her tourist friends try an alternate kind of persecution — the Red Chinese do not allow more than one child to be born to any female. Bingo! That’ll work!

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