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Deportation Part 2

I have used Tibet in this example because as it is not possible for a female to become the Dali Lama or the Panchen Lama in Tibet this may be grounds for her to invite even unrelated females into the U.S. on tourist visas where they all can claim asylum for religious persecution.

If that doesn’t work then she might try Red Chinese Communist religious persecution and the destruction of her form of religion in that sparse and cold land. She can have her tourist friends try an alternate kind of persecution — the Red Chinese do not allow more than one child to be born to any female. Bingo! That’ll work!

There is another method quite effective in keeping immigration officials away from your door — if you are Communist Chinese. If you have been sent to prison in the United States for most anything then the Chinese government won’t take you back. There are about 100,000 Communist Chinese nationals in the United States right now that cannot be deported back to China because the Communist Chinese government won’t give them transit papers.

Not to worry about spending your days in some dank American prison. The U.S. government will hand you a work permit and ask that you check back with them every month or so. Of course, if you don’t check back … what can they do? They can’t put you in jail and they can’t deport you.

No place in this sequence of events of this immigration process is there any notice taken of a person’s ability, intellect, skills, or political beliefs. Thus, it is possible to bring 100 or even more people into the United States who will never seek employment or contribute in any way to the betterment of the United States. Again, once this avalanche starts there is no stopping it. This process can continue until all living members — or even living members to be — of that woman’s most distantly related family have been imported.

And yes, living members include those conceived and or born during the time the entire process is in action. Yes, the only thing that will stop this near atomic reaction is time and the death — even from old age — of future potential invited immigrants.

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