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Deportation Part 3

This process is often called the Slinky Effect. It is so named after a cheap toy that is a coiled spring and if you placed one tiny bit of the Slinky someplace, the entire body of the Slinky immediately leaps there too.

There are ways of driving that Slinky with plutonium power. For example, it is possible to invite a friend or relative (as defined above) for a visit and if that friend or relative is pregnant and has that child inside the United States of America then that child is a U.S. citizen immediately and does not have to leave — ever. And, it can then invite his / her natural mother who had her plus the father he / she never knew to be a citizen and both of them can then invite all of their relatives — including the natural mother’s husband — and the process really gets exciting to see.

But, yes, there’s more!

Laws are now in the works to allow partners to be imported. Yes, people of the same sex who are one. Now we will have some truely amazing possibilites. Not only do we have all of the above but now the deck chairs can all be shuffled in any and all possible orders and permutations.

Some people never become U.S. citizens and just live in this country. There are people in the United States that somehow got here and have never even bothered to learn to speak English and yet have been here over 50 years. If they want to have a relative come here then that relative may have to be on a waiting list.

But it gets far more interesting. Lets say that you never bothered to learn English or to read or write or to even know anything about the United States Constitution or relly much of anything. But somehow you plopped within our borders and have been here for decades. In this case, most of the citizenship test is waived for you — by statute.

Then there are people who obey the law. There are people from the Philippines who have been waiting on a list for more than 20 years. There are people from Mexico who have been waiting for a decade.

The Last Word:

Don’t worry, even if you are in the United States illegally it is still possible to live the good life. Yes, you can receive welfare benefits, thanks to something called PRUCOL (Permanently Residing Under Color of Law).

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