Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

Being Detained Part 4

Chasing after an illegal is essentially like chasing after a chance to be violently mugged. The Agent is actually running toward a reasonable expectation of himself being beaten or injured and it is only his training and fiber that will protect him. he is doing his job. He does not want to be mugged in the process of doing his job. He will make certain that if at all possible the one damaged will not be him.

Never run from an Agent.

The Border Patrol Agent cannot enter a dwelling to detain you. If the door is even just closed then he cannot enter. Many illegals think that by simply running into some dwelling they will be safe. In reality, the Agent can simply wait them out, no matter how long it takes.

The Agent only needs reasonable suspicion that you are an illegal alien or that you have perpetrated some crime to detain you. Yes, your foreign appearance is in itself a factor in his detaining you.

Reasonable Suspicion And Consensual Conversation

So when the Border Patrol Agent stops you and you say you are a U.S. citizen and he has real doubts about it then he may ask you some fundamental questions about this country. If you are a citizen then you should have some common knowledge about the United States.

What elementary school did you go to?

What grades are in an elementary school?

What city are you from?

What does that city look like?

Then the Border Patrol agent will look at you more closely.

Do you have any prison style tattoos?

Do you have any needle marks?

Could you have been in a U.S. jail?

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