Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

Immigrant Impact

The flood of Mexican illegal aliens across the United States southern border is wanton, violent, continuous, and unchecked. That is the truth. There is no alternate truth.

There are really only two ways illegals enter the United States: by foot or by land motor vehicle.

You will note that air travel is not in that short list because air travel is essentially not used by illegals to enter the United States. Although even after 9-11, illegals have the unmitigated gall to flock to airports and take commercial aircraft to their destinations deep within America. You might be nearly strip searched but illegal aliens seem immune to capture. And, yes, the perpetrators of 9-11 did seem to take airplanes. They also had student visas. That has been changed.

Also, note that boats are not on the list. There are probably a hundred times more surf boards and even inner tubes used to illegally float into the United States than real boats. Boats are reserved for the most part for Chinese, Haitian, or some other ocean crossing group.

Thanks to the very rational fear that some unidentified ocean cruiser may contain a nuclear weapon targeted for an American harbor, all of these unusual vessels are detected, tracked, intercepted, and boarded hundreds or even thousands of miles away from our shores. If it’s big enough to get here from China then we’ve been watching it.

Further, trying to enter the United States by boat has some very interesting rules. If you can make it un-captured to U.S. dry land then you are handled differently than if you are captured still in the water. And by water I mean the high water mark. If you are still in the water then you have not reached the US, and can be summarily be sent away with not one nod from the courts. If you make it to a point just above the high water mark — dry land — then all of the various processes and procedures of the INS and the courts are ready to help you stay here. If you are Cuban and reach this magical high water mark then you have made it and no effort will be made to deport you.

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