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Immigrant Impact Part 5

Today, once across the border the illegal aliens follow well traveled paths to the north.

Most of the illegal alien trails within the United States are strewn with the detritus of this illegal Mexican migration. There are miles upon miles of discarded food containers, plastic water jugs, inedible food scraps, human feces, and soiled clothing.

United States Senator Barbara Boxer passed legislation banning the USBP from any travel along much of the U.S. southwest border area. This left these areas as a free migration zone for illegals. It was all done to save the environment.

Many of the most valuable of these natural areas — Barbara Boxer’s USBP Free Zones — have now been transformed into barren wastelands by the dumping of thousands of tons of trash and feces. Then too, diversionary forest fires set by illegal aliens to distract Border Patrol Agents have laid waste to thousands of acres of forest. One of the largest fires in American southwest history — called the Alpine Fire — was started by illegals.

Much of the Great American Desert is now scattered with hundreds of water jugs half buried in the sand. This water has been placed by American church groups to allow illegal aliens to refresh themselves on their way north.

In some places the illegal aliens have filed suit in U.S. courts to force water stations to be placed for them — by our federal government at taxpayer expense. Further, other suits demand that the illegals who have died in the U.S. deserts have their families compensated for their deaths — in the millions of dollars each — by the American taxpayer.

And, it does get worse. While the United States has not as yet handed millions of dollars to relatives of those who came here illegally, our government has done worse.

To receive Social Security an American citizen must work at least 40 quarters or ten full years. Our government has provided illegal aliens working illegally in the United States a better deal.They need to work only six quarters to receive Social Security. Yes, an American citizen works ten years and an illegal alien only needs a year and a half.

Some of our representatives have brought the obvious reality to light: There was a felony they were committing and now they can’t be prosecuted. That sounds like amnesty to me.

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