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Sex Slaves Part 2

It takes about 11,000 well armed agents of the USBP to stop the real barbarity of this world from crossing that imaginary line — the border. Thanks to American politicians’ callousness and in spite of the Agent’s best efforts, some of this barbarity leaks through.

Please remember that people in power government know full well about everything in this section. They ignore it. They think they have a higher calling and so a few dozen or a few hundred dead eight year old girls won’t stand in their way.

It is possible that they are just disconnected from reality. The most unpleasant thing most of them ever have to do in life is fix the flat tire on their Lexus.

These girls are shipped as far as New York City. What the local police found in a house in Plainfield, New Jersey for example, was scatterings of stinking moist mattresses, bottles of penicillin and even Misoprostol which is an ulcer drug that can cause a spontaneous abortion, especially when taken by a 14 year old girl. A14 year old girl? Yes, and that is because the house was filled with them; all were sex slaves.

sex slaves

These girls had been forced to provide sex to as many as 30 johns a day. And this goes on not just in Plainfield, New Jersey, but in most cities of America. Girls from 6 to 26 are a commodity which is trapped, sold, shipped over the U.S. / Mexico border and then sold again and again.

The CIA says that thousands of enslaved women are shipped across our southern border each year. The State Department’s director of the Office to Monitor and Combat Trafficking in Persons offers the opinion that there could easily be ten thousand sex slaves in the United States at any one time. And because this is not some fantasy and is instead the real world, the final fate of the aged or tired or sick or even just surplus girl is often death.

The women of highest value are blonde-haired, blue-eyed, and tall. A good source of this product is Moscow in Russia, Kiev in the Ukraine, and Chisinau in Moldova. Because the girls are young they are as foolish as any in this country at that age. When promised a future as a model at Disneyland or some other fantasy, they often believe it. What they quickly discover is an interlude of gang rape in Mexico followed by worse once they cross the border at Tijuana.

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