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Sex Slaves Part 3

Part of the fantasy plied on these girls is that America is wonderful and that crossing the border is not like crossing some real country’s border but rather that the Mexican border is like a freeway. And we must agree that it is.

Commercial airplanes arrive at Mexico City’s airport every day carrying groups of these girls. The Mexican officials are in collusion with the traffickers and these girls are separated from the passenger flow and quickly shunted out to waiting cars.

Mexico is also a source for girls. Because this Mexican product is not blonde-haired and blue-eyed and tall, it has a far, far lower market value.

The Mexican sex slave trafficking cartel is called Los Lenones, and is composed of nearly 20 major trafficking groups and more than 100 smaller groups. This is a real industry and Los Lenones even takes orders, and fills them as needed to service the slave-filled brothels of America.

Such treatment of women is decried in Mexico but it is seemingly better than what could happen to them. In the Mexican border town of Ciudad Juárez more than 400 young women have been kidnapped, raped, murdered, dismembered, and then dumped in shallow graves. Even Amnesty International has had mass rallies along the border with the likes of Eve Ensler (of The Vagina Monologues), Sally Field, and Jane Fonda.

Jane Fonda

It is a shame that Jane Fonda isn’t protesting about what these people do to American children, just what these people do to girls in Mexico.

The only thing that has stopped this wanton violence from crossing north over the border and into the United States of America has been the USBP.

Throughout Mexico and along what is called the Via Lactea, or The Milky Way, these sex slave gangs look for prime victims. Most of the Mexican girls have dreamed of El Norte and know that many of their schoolboy friends plan to go there soon to work and send money home. After a bit of cajoling by the gang member to get her alone the girl is then beaten, drugged, and kidnapped.

The majority of Los Lenones operate from a small town called Tenancingo, which is just a few miles south of Mexico City, Mexico’ s capital. We have to understand that none of this could possibly go on if the Mexican government at the highest levels was not also involved. By involved we must understand that this means not only taking bribes but active participation in the trafficking of these slaves.

Before women’s rights groups complain about men torturing these girls, it is imporatnt to must understand that is women who break these girls’ spirit and force them into the sex trade.

The young girls relate to other women and if those women are older and larger then they have far more influence and control. These older women beat the girls and train them. It is the women who torture them and crush their souls. After even weeks of soul breaking the older women finally then give these girls to the men.

What sells in America is innocence and so whatever torture and beatings the girls get it must not show. Many of the blond haired blue eyed ones are taken from Tijuana to a small town 60 miles south called Ensenada. It is there that the girls are enslaved even 20 at a time in guarded and well tended homes.

It is critical that these girls learn to say U.S. Citizen without an accent. It is best to ship the girls across the border at the San Ysidro Port of Entry in a car and right in front of U.S. Immigration. For those who cannot learn key phrases well enough to fool an INS or ICE inspector at the Port of Entry then the only avenue north is over the border in the dangerous mountains or desert sands.

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