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Sex Slaves Part 4

In places like Colonia Nido de las Aguilas, close to San Diego, California, the Mexican girls are pushed northwards and met several miles inland with transportation to take them to Los Angeles and points east.

At places like Cottonwood Canyon, Smuggler’s Gulch, and Goat Canyon, in the California’s Border Field State Park, European girls are forced over the border — wearing spiked heels and miniskirts and all ready for work.

Sex slaves also service the Mexican farm workers in the agricultural communities of America. Again, these are not hardened hookers but 14 year old girls kidnapped and forced into this business. Their customers are the thousands of illegal aliens living near American homes and families.

Yes, the Mexican farm workers who illegally crossed the border to work in our fields are the customers. Few of these farm workers live in apartments. Most live in canyons near their workplace. Most focus not on being good future American citizens but instead on sending their money back to Mexico. Most learn little English and when ill, they simply report to the nearest emergency room for free care.

It gets worse.

In Vista, California, about 50 miles north of Tijuana, in the riparian lands of the San Luis Rey River (and near the ancient Catholic mission of that name), there are forests of tall reeds. A health care worker visited the place once because it was rumored to be a nest of farm workers with no running water, no toilets, and nothing to live in but hand dug mud caves, and shelters built from plastic trash bags and bent reeds.

What the health worker walked into was a cluster of over 400 wild eyed Mexican men surrounding about 50 girls who were all between the ages of 12 and 15 and all dressed in tight clothing and high heels. There was also a separate group of a dozen girls none of whom were more than 11 or 12 and these girls were actually wearing perfectly white desses.

The ground there remains today a squalid, a slippery mass of leaves, used condoms, and black / blood soaked clumps of toilet paper.

There are ten thousand undocumented worker sex slaves in this country now, and yet thousands more cross our border area each and every year. There seems to be an arithmetic problem. What happens to the well used ones, the girls that are tired or sick or too old?

The only exit from this maelstrom is deportation or death. When caught by the police they are so traumatized that they cannot admit what has happened to them. They are then simply deported as common prostitutes. The problem with being sent home is that the girl and the family have been poisoned by the catastrophe and the family is usually so shamed that they do not want the girl back. Death, or a similar line of work in her home country is all that remain for her.

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