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Border Smuggling: You Here

The fee paid to a smuggler — for smuggling a Mexican — can be as little as $150 or easily as much as $3,500. There was a recent case of a dozen Arab speaking illegal aliens — undocumented migrants — being smuggled into the United States for about $12,000 each. These undocumented migrants were so scary that even the Mexican illegal aliens were concerned, and the Mexican illegals called the USBP. Yes, the Arabs got away and melted into America.

The 2004 price for smuggling someone from Saudi Arabia into the United States was $50,000 a person. In this case, you really did not want to get between the coyote, his merry band of Wahhabists, and any concept they might have of north.

Smuggling people for profit offers a wide range of opportunities. Some people enter the smuggling business as a home business while others take it all the way to being a real profession. There were even wives of U.S. Marines smuggling illegals in the trunks of their cars and through military bases to allow the illegals to avoid checkpoints. This may have been a cool idea while their husbands were off on a WestPac cruise but the ladies wound up spending far more than the cruise’s six months away from their husbands … years more.

First, there is smuggling and then there is smuggling. The easiest way to get into the United States is to wander right up to the U.S. Port of Entry and cast about for any shady character squatting on the sidewalk. Such a shady character might offer you a fake California driver’s license and a fake Social Security card for $400. With those you may be able to stonewall your way through immigration and into the USA. For a few bucks more you might buy a fake passport. Another way to do it is to rent a real driver’s license and real Social Security card. Again, for maybe $400 you will be handed real documents and the photo will be of someone who looks close enough to how you look to get you through. There will be a swarthy person on the north side of the border waiting for you and you will hand the real documents back to him. Yes, they will even rent you a real U.S. Passport.

One must cast about for sanity when we realize that Americans cannot now leave the USA without a passport. If the United States government decides that you should not have a passport — or that you are in line to get it about five years from now — then you are trapped. This now puts the USA on par with Cuba and the old Soviet Union. True, you might just wander a few miles along the border, and far from the official Port of Entry, and step over the border’s single strand of barbed wire.

False documents at a Port of Entry are not the problem. Four million illegals traipsing into the United States each year are the problem.

The tragic truthis that Hispanic Illegal Aliens murder more civilians inside the USA each year than were killed on 9/11. They have — since 9/11 — murdered more civilians inside the USA than were killed on 9/11 plus all our war casualties in Afghanistan and Iraq combined.

There was a tragedy in Spain during their 1937 civil war — Guernica. The slaughter there was memorialized in the painting by Picasso of the same name. Hispanic Illegal Aliens murder more civilians inside the USA each and every month than were killed by the Nazis at Guernica.

More and more the Mexican drug cartels are now linked to the people of Afghanistan — where the 2006 crop of opium was the largest on record. The Mexican drug cartels are now in the people smuggling business because while smuggling cocaine into the USA might get you life in prison, smuggling people is often just ignored and you are often just pushed back south over the border.

When you combine former drug smugglers with illegal aliens and then add Muslims from Afghanistan or Yemen, you get violence beyond imagining. There are now actual gun battles on Interstate 10 in Arizona between competing illegal alien smugglers. In quiet places like Sierra Vista, Arizona, there are 100 mile per hour chases down mainstreet with smuggling vans crashing and dead illegals scattered all over the street like lots of dead illegals … scattered all over the street.

It might be of interest to know that in southern Arizona, illegal alien smugglers prefer Church’s Chicken Restaurants for box lunches for their people. Yes, an illegal alien smuggler will buy ten huge boxes of chicken — to go — and drop the food off at some distant arroyo for his accomplices and their guests. This is mentioned again in another smuggling page below — as a HINT — that this might be an easy way to catch smugglers who transport enough illegals at one time that they need ten boxes of chicken to feed them.

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