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Smuggling You Here Part 2

There are enterprising individuals who simply make Banzai charges up the freeways of America. What they do is load a van as full of illegals as is possible and then race northwards up the freeway at some speed even 40 miles an hour over what everyone else is doing. These Banzai charges occur every day along our southern border. They are quite dangerous.

Many media outlets are caught between their innate liberal open the borders total disregard for America’s sovereignty and their need for ratings. Some TV stations will cover these Banzai charges as if they were bull fights but then spin the situation into the undocumented migrant being the victim — even when the illegal aliens murder innocent Americans in the process.

The video clip below is an example of this. These clips are as common as pennies on the sidewalk. One station, when asked if a clip could be used replied Not … a … Single … Frame. The fact that they receive their license from the United States Government and are responsible to us citizens seemed to make little difference when it came to hiding the reality of the border and trying to portray illegal aliens racing at 100 miles an hour through rush hour traffic as the victims.

Banzai up the boulevard at 100 miles an hour (~200 kmh)

Smuggling illegal aliens is very illegal and can cost the perpetrator jail time, their car, and even their house.

The average American willing to do this is usually not too bright. There was the case of the waitress for a major restaurant chain that was in love with the Mexican illegal alien short order cook (quick visits to the walk in refrigerator at 5 a.m.) and who spontaneously volunteered to smuggle the cook’s wife and kids into the U.S. in the trunk of her car. You almost have to peek through your fingers when just thinking about what happened to her … and her husband … at the border.

Many of the professional smugglers of today are not your friendly, happy Coyotes (yes, coyotes), smuggling you Pollos (chickens) over La Linea (the border) while avoiding La Migra (U.S. immigration authorities) or Las Verdes (the greenies — which are the USBP).


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