Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact

Smuggling You Here Part 3

Today, the business has to a great degree been taken over by drug smugglers. Drug smugglers kill people. They will kill you, your mother, your kids, police chiefs of various cities (four in a row in Tijuana), Cardinals of the Catholic Church (machine gunned at point blank range sitting in his car at the airport) and anyone else in their way.

Just do the arithmetic. Each illegal alien is worth an average of maybe $2,500 and there are four million to smuggle over the border each year. That is ten … billion … dollars … and they get it!

And there is no life term at the federal pen at Marion for simply sending undocumented migrants north to … a better life. Oh, did I tell you that these smugglers smuggle cocaine and heroin and amphetamines and more in their little bands of the unwashed? Yes, and they will kill any USBP Agent who gets in their way.

But killing the Border Patrol Agent is not the worst. The drug / illegal alien smugglers can torture that Agent and squeeze every morsel of information from him about shift changes and radio frequencies and the positions of some of the 13,000 or so seismic sensors buried along the border. And if the Agent is female then it gets pretty dicey for her real quick.

And if you are supporting any of those illegal aliens — Ahhh … undocumented migrants through gardening chores or restaurant visits or by supporting certain politicians, then you are supporting drug smuggling murderers. Plain and simple.

If you feel it is important to actually live up to The Pledge of Allegiance you can actually take action and deal only with companies listed on Internet sites like U.S Patriot Companies. Companies listed there have pledged not to hire illegals.

And speaking of patriotism, remember, these drug cartels are quite patriotic. Yes, they are. And they are patriotic to their country — Mexico.

That is why the border violence is so bad. Well armed drug smugglers are now in control of large portions of the four million illegals moving north.

Many of the illegal aliens do not have all the cash — $2,500 is a bunch — so the drug smugglers now … finance!

Yes, the drug smugglers keep tabs on the illegals and make sure that they turn over their U.S. paychecks … pronto … until the debt is paid off. What this means is that the drug smugglers now operate inside the U.S. and are in control of large parts of the U.S. infrastructure. The drug smugglers now are watching restaurants and laundries and farms and food processing plants and everywhere an illegal alien might owe them money.

But there’s more.

Much of the heroin that is smuggled into the USA every year comes from Al-Qaeda controlled areas of Pakistan and Afghanistan. The chain of control of these drugs from over there to over here is fully with Al-Qaeda and then the Mexican drug cartels. The unguarded 1,900 or so miles of our southern border are not just open to migrations of undocumented immigrants who send almost all of their billions of dollars back to Mexico but to Al-Qaeda operatives carrying whatever they want to carry — from heroin to anthrax, to smallpox, to nuclear weapons.

So how bad can it get?

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