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Smuggling You Here Part 4

Have you ever seen a 45-pound nuclear weapon? Well, they exist, and here is a photo:

SADDAM suitcase nuke

And that nuclear satchel weapon’s case is actually smaller and lighter and easier to carry than the load of drugs inside this case:

So all of this monstrous nightmare is operating right below the surface and the protests of immigrant rights groups.

Many illegal aliens — not sponsored by the cartels — are today trying multiple entry attempts. They may be caught at one point on the border and then released — only to try someplace else along the border. About four million of them are literally bouncing off America’s southern border and finally getting in. Only a little over a million of them are caught by U.S. authorities every year. Most of those who are caught are quickly sent back to Mexico.

Some of the small-time but enterprising smugglers simply tell their clients to stack up into an unstructured herd and then charge the border like the Light Brigade. This works … sometimes. Here’s a few video frames of that. By the way, this goes on almost every day.

If you get impatient, just run across the border and right onto the freeway!

And if anyone hits you, there are lawyers who will … sue.

And they do, and you will suddenly be rich!

Most of the U.S. border must be patrolled by vehicle. Just along the western most 20 miles of the border the USBP has over 2,000 vehicles.

The USBP is so under funded that they have to make do with — essentially — U.S. Postal Service mailman’s jeeps. These vehicles cost less than a third of what a good vehicle would cost. So they get three for the price of one. Write your Congressman. Click on the seal to go to Congress.

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U.S. Border Patrol Vehicle
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