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Smuggling You Here Part 8

A USBP Agent is a private person as well as a federal officer. You are a private person too. Thus, you and the Border Patrol Agent can arrest someone for any crime that is a jailable offense not just federal crimes. This is called a citizen’s arrest. This may not apply to criminals in California. California’s Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger may not allow citizen’s arrests in that state.

The Border Patrol Agent can also arrest you for various federal crimes besides immigration crimes under his color of authority.

For example, he has been given the authority to arrest you for drug crimes under USC Title 21 and the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA). He has also been given limited authority under Title 18 to support the U.S. Customs Service in control of the import or export of goods.

Of every 100 people arrested at our borders about 98 will be an Adult Male Mexican (AMM) and most of these will be deported voluntarily under what is called a VR or Voluntary Return. What this means is that the AMM can be back south across the border and trying to cross north again before the agent who arrested him is even home from work.

Of every 100 people arrested at our border one will be female or a juvenile.

Of every 100 people arrested at our border one will be Other Than Mexican (OTM).

Of every 100 people arrested at our border far less than even one will be a Criminal Alien under section #1326 and then will be criminally prosecuted.

The real problem with the U.S. economy is that it is really bi-modal. We have a large service economy and a large high technology economy and very little middle class or merchant class. To put it another way, graphically our society looks like the Mounds of Elvira — a large mound to the right and a large mound to the left and huge cleavage in the middle. The cleavage is America’s middle class and its population is low.

The Agrarian Economy of the U.S. really hit its peak between 1607 and 1774. The U.S. Industrial Revolution peaked between 1844 and 1915. The Technology Revolution started in 1960 and has yet to end. There are about the same number of blue collar / working class jobs in the U.S. today as there were in 1945.

Thus, the United States has a problem in that even if the illegal aliens flooding our borders were legal, they still would not have the skills the country needs to prosper. Further, because most of the illegal aliens are mature adults their chances of getting a scholarship on merit and intellect to Harvard or MIT are zero and thus unless lightening strikes they will never be more than they were when they first crossed the border.

Further, if each American paid as little as an extra one dollar a week for the fruits and vegetables we eat then the wage paid to farm workers could reach $15 an hour or $30,000 a year. Further, at that price the farms of America could be fully automated and the jobs which depend upon illegal aliens would be almost completely eliminated.

Further, Mexico really has but three exports: people, drugs, and oil. Their real level of economic and industrial development today is far less than that of the United States in 1915. Mexico is in a depression and crime is rampant.

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