Historic Border Patrol Badge Artifact


The triple threat of drug smuggling, illegal aliens, violent gangs, and the concomitant rise in violence is no more evident than in the state of Texas.

Along the U.S. border with Mexico there are 43 Ports of Entry. Of these 43 entry points, 18 are in Texas.

Nearly all of these Ports of Entry are connected to major highway systems in Texas. The illegal alien smugglers, drug smugglers and criminal gangs use these major highways to then spread into America.

While we have all heard of the Mafia and have watched The Sopranos, the fact is that these Hispanic gangs are the most violent organized criminals ever seen in the United States.

It has finally become so incredibly dangerous to walk the streets of Texas border towns that the Texas legislature wants to pass a law allowing citizens to shoot first when threatened. While opponents call this the shoot thy neighbor bill, the reality is a bit different.

The far left might celebrate this new level of diversity but the reality of innocent children being gunned down in their front yards and housewives being raped in WalMart parking lots has created a groundswell of frustration within the Texas citizenry.

If the Department of Homeland Security won’t let the USBP defend our borders then — at least in Texas — the citizens may soon be allowed to defend themselves.

These gangs — including MS 13 — act as the army for the Mexican drug cartels and enforce their will here in the United States.

The border violence against American citizens inside the United States has never been as high as it is today. Further, the threat is not just the gangs from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and El Salvador. The threat is also from Middle Eastern individuals being moved from Central America through Mexico, into Texas, and into the rest of United States.

To assist in this terror, Venezuela is providing many of these criminals and terrorists with real travel documents to ease their transit into the United States.

Because so little is being done to protect the citizens of Texas (or Arizona, or California, but they are discussed elsewhere) the governor of Texas funded the installation of border video cameras to help detect these criminal elements crossing into his lands. The media immediately condemned the act as hateful, mean spirited and racist. When the camera system detected five illegal aliens who were then — thanks to the real time imagery — apprehended, the media condemned the cameras again for assisting in the capture of these victims.

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